Margarita White, Marshmallow Festival president, reports this year’s festival a success to the Ligoiner common council Monday evening.

LIGONIER — No rain and a few upgrades made this year a good one for the Marshmallow Festival, according to an organizer.

Monday night, Marshmallow Festival President Margarita White came to the Ligonier common council bearing good news.

“We had a fabulous marshmallow festival this weekend,” White said.

This year, Aaron Waggoner, who previously made a video for the city of Ligoiner, shot and produced another just for the Marshmallow Festival.

That video is posted now on the Marshmallow Festival Facebook page, and as of Tuesday afternoon, it had about 6,500 views.

Council member Chris Fought said the video was good for the city.

“The video was awesome,” he said.

White said the video will be used in the future to promote the festival and hopefully boost attendance.

That being said, attendance was good this year, White said, and upgrades like a new main stage and tethered hot air balloon rides added to the experience.

She invited people to get involved with the organizers for next year’s festival to brainstorm new ideas and improvements.

White also thanked city employees for helping with security, cleanup and everything else.

“There is nothing that we need because they always provide everything we need. As far as cleanup, you don’t even know there was a festival (afterward) because they pick it up and it’s completely clean on Tuesday morning,” White said.

In other business, the common council approved a new city organizational chart with an update to include new Park Director Travis Brimhall.

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