Milford Food Bank run winners announced

Elias Rojas is pictured here after placing as the overall male in the Milford Food Bank virtual run. Rojas ran one mile in 4:47. He received sweets as well as a six-month membership to the Ligonier rec center.

LIGONIER — The results from the virtual run benefiting Milford Food Bank are in.

The one mile race took place on May 16 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Runners who signed up could take any time in those hours to run the mile loop in Kenney Park.

Elias Rojas, the overall male runner, received a gift certificate for a six-month individual membership to Ligonier’s Sports and Rec Center, plus an armful of sweets.

The following results came from the run:

Overall Male: Elias Rojas 4:47

Overall Female: Trinity Parson 5:56

Master Male: Flora 5:19

Master Female: Nichole Emmert 7:12

Grandmaster Male: Brian Shepherd 7:53

Grandmaster Female: Toy Mast 11:21

Female 10 and under

Ava Bloss 9:36

Ava Emmert 10:51

Reese Blotcamp 13:44

Adelyn Custer 26:45

Scarlett Pfenning 26:54

Adlyn Korenstra rode her bike

Female 11-12

Lanie Martin 6:01

Addison Chordas 6:50

Mya Emmert 8:02

Allison Bloss 9:36

Female 13-15

Ava Bish 6:22

Ruby Clark 6:45

Lucy Martin 8:02

Taryn Brimhall 8:53

Kennidy Doege 10:15

Adelle Polhemus 11:48

Annaleigh Bollenbacher 11:48

Abi Hawn 12:15

Female 16-19

Lydia Lowe 9:00

Madison Doege 9:25

Female 20-29

Grissel Campos 6:42

Christina Coats 8:37

Female 30-39

Brittany Blotcamp 8:11

Jessica Martin 8:20

Jemima Fought 8:20

Laura Maddox 9:23

Kirstin Alles 15:18

Amanda Custer 26:50

Female 40-49

Christy Hofmeister 9:16

Carrie Bloss 9:38

Anne Lowe 10:02

Adrienne Doege 10:36

Julie Hanna 24:43

Female 50-59

Kathy Hagen 13:20

Jodie Pensinger 26:50

Male 10 and under

Daniel Trinklein 7:49

Abram Korenstra 8:00

Jacob Fought 8:08

Ellis Blotcamp 13:40

Harrison Custer 26:48

Male 11-12

Xadrian Hofmeister 6:49

Micah Lowe 8:28

Male 13-15

Grant Flora 5:08

Isaiah Lowe 6:03

Xavier Hofmeister 6:53

Andrew Doege 19:52

Male 16-19

Nathan Mast 4:59

Isaac Flora 5:18

Male 20-29

Aaron Mast 5:02

Ty Alles 5:21

Israel Trejo 7:29

Alex Doege 19:50

Alan VanDyke 20:07

Male 30-39

Josh Worrell 7:21

Male 40:49

Robert Martin 5:45

Adam Polhemus 6:23

Nate Lowe 9:50

Chad Bloss 10:45

Bill Doege 19:52

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