Hite at council meeting

Ligonier Mayor Patty Fisel, left, recognized the members of the former Ligonier Parks and Recreation Board at the city council meeting Monday. Brian Hite was the president.

LIGONIER — Recognized one last time.

At the Ligonier City Council meeting Monday night, the council recognized the former Ligonier Parks and Recreation Board for their years of service. Former Park Board President Brian Hite and board members Kathy Hagen and Matt Kreager were in attendance.

Ligonier Mayor Patty Fisel asked the trio to come forward and accept plaques that the city had made for them. All of the members have served at least four years, Hite did not even remember how long he served it’s been so long.

“We would just really like to thank you,” Fisel said. “We really appreciate your service. The last few times it’s been a little rocky, but we appreciate you hanging in there with us. We know that you are already servants to the city. We expect you to continue to do that. So thank you very much.”

Ligonier Clerk-treasurer Barb Hawn added an extra thank you to the group.

“Thank you for your support of everything that has been happening,” Hawn said. “We know you will help support (new Ligonier Park Director) Travis (Brimhall).”

The three said they would help Brimhall if he needs it.

Fisel bragged about how much she loves the team she works with and how well they work together.

“When you have a team and your team comes together, it makes it enjoyable,” Fisel said. “It makes the time that you serve a lot more fun. It’s more productive. We know that we are going to have a great team again. We’re going to have you in positions where you are going to continue to help.”

In other business, the council:

• Approved an amended CF-1 for a tax abatement for J. Edwards Furniture. There were a few figures that needed changed, and the original copy was not signed.

• Accepted the American Fidelity insurance plans for the 2019-2020 year. This offers pre-taxed insurance policies to city employees. It needs revised every year.

• Hear from council member Chris Fought that the video about the city of Ligonier that the council approved will be finished approximately around the end of August. He also reminded the council that Operation Foundation will be July 27. He said volunteers will be needed.

• Approved the purchase of a used truck for the Park Department in the amount $9,200.

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