StoryWalk Ligonier

The StoryWalk takes place each year in Ligonier to help families read together at Kenney Park. There are more than 16 stations throughout the 1-mile trail with activities at each one.

LIGONIER — Those who have been at Kenney Park within the last month know that the StoryWalk began May 4.

Families from all over travel to spend time in the park reading while also being active. The first book of the year is “One Giant Leap” by Robert Burleigh. The book recounts what happens when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.

This book was picked because the Ligonier Public Library’s summer reading program theme is A Universe of Stories. It will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing.

This story will begin at Jennie Thompson Garden and continue throughout the 1-mile trail in Kenney Park. There will be more than 16 stations over the course of the trail.

It’s difficult to estimate how many people utilize the StoryWalk since it is not on the library’s campus, but Ligonier Public Library Program Director Angela Scott said that it can earn people a bonus prize for those who participate in its summer reading program.

“We really have no idea of an estimate of how many people go through,” Scott said. “I think we had about 40 or 50 people just through summer reading because we have that as a bonus that families can go do. They can get a bonus prize if they go through the StoryWalk. We encourage our summer reading kids to go and do the walk.”

Scott thinks this is a great activity for families.

“It’s a free activity that’s family oriented, that people can do any time of day that fits into their schedule pretty much,” Scott said. “It’s kind of hard to find free family activities around here sometimes. I think it’s a nice option for families.”

Sarai Zayago, library board member, translated the book to Spanish so more people in the community could use the StoryWalk.

Activities can be completed along the trail as people are reading. Jimena Estrada, who just finished her sophomore year at West Noble High School, translated the activity portion to Spanish. They are all space themed, and it will even benefit the park as a whole.

“Each station has an activity that they can do to get them extra involved,” Scott said. “They might pretend that they are floating in space or they might have to pick up space trash so they can help pick up that park, too.”

The StoryWalk began in 2016 in Ligonier and has been a yearly activity since. The first year, the library laminated the story and attached them to poles. Scott said the wind would blow them away. Now, there are wooden podiums with the stories under glass.

The next story will replace the current one in July. It will be a space-themed book as well.

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