LIGONIER — Sometimes, after New Year’s, kids will do lots of shopping with cash their family gifted them for the holidays.

It’s not dissimilar in city government after capital plans are portioned out at the beginning of the year, and departments start getting quotes for bigger purchases.

The difference is city employees might spend a little more responsibly — that, and buying a skid loader may not be as exciting as swiping a gift card.

Wednesday morning’s board of works meeting was full of approving quotes for purchases budgeted in this year’s capital plan.

First up was Fire Chief Jeremy Weaver with a quote for active shooter kits to go on calls with firefighters.

These kits include vests, helmets, first aid kits and a bag in which to store it all.

The board of works approved the purchase of 12 active shooter kits at a total of $20,700.

“I think it’s very important that you have the equipment you need,” Ligonier Mayor Patty Fisel said.

Next were quotes from Ligonier Water Superintendent Jeff Boyle. On his list were a subcompact tractor and a skid loader, plus payment for a water tank cleaning.

The board approved buying both the tractor and skid loader from John Deere.

The quote for the subcompact tractor rang in at about $27,350, a price Boyle said was about $7,000 less than he anticipated.

After viewing multiple quotes for the skid loader, Boyle threw out four of them and didn’t present them to the board, since they did not meet requirements for the purchase.

After describing the quote from John Deere for the skid loader, the board approved the $59,459.50 buy.

Boyle also told the board the service for water tank cleaning is one he’s used before, and the price would be relatively the same as he’s seen it previously.

The cleaning was approved for $14,000 over five years.

“I think it’s a good thing, and if we want to keep our system clean and our filter clean, it’s a must,” Boyle said of the cleaning.

The water superintendent also mentioned he would likely come back with a quote for a new trailer for loading the department’s excavator and skid loader, saying the current one they have sits up too high to use safely.

“That would be great,” Fisel said.

In other business, the board approved an agreement for Triad Associates, the office of City Engineer Rick Pharis, to work on stormwater separation.

This project is one that has been funded by the state OCRA grant.

Later, Ligonier Police Chief and Public Safety Director Bryan Shearer told the BOW and the RDC in a previous meeting that more developments had taken place where the new fire station will go.

“There was some soil testing that had to be done at the site,” Shearer said.

That testing pushed the schedule for the bid release back a bit. Now, the bid is pushed back to be released on March 10.

“So, we’re getting really close,” Shearer said.

The committee overseeing the fire station development will meet again Feb. 26 to finalize the bid before its release.

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