LIGONIER — A local business wants the public safety officials in Ligonier to know that they stand behind them.

Forest River in Ligonier donated a trailer to the fire and police departments July 11. This company is the No. 1 one manufacturer for cargo trailers, according to Mike Stump, special projects manager at Forest River.

Stump said that the community has given them so much that they wanted to give back.

“About a year or so ago, we bought a building here and created a manufacturing facility,” Stump said. “We’ve had a tremendous welcome from the community and local officials. We’ve found great success here. We appreciate the support, and we wanted to show them some support. It’s the least we can do.”

According to Ligonier Fire Chief Jeremy Weaver, the trailer will be used to transport its utility vehicle, for fundraisers and more.

“We can also use it in the wintertime for a heat source,” Weaver said. “We can pull it out there and put in a couple heaters and use it for that. This winter they needed warming trailers for some of the fires and they didn’t have them.”

Weaver continued to say that this trailer will be very useful to the departments.

Ligonier Police Chief and Public Safety Director Bryan Shearer was elated to have the support of this local business.

“It’s great knowing that we have the relationship that we do with our industry,” Shearer said. “We’ve said a lot of times that this community wouldn’t be what it is without our industry. We recognize that and we appreciate that. It takes partners like Mike and Forest River to make a community successful.”

He thinks the city is great at creating those good relationships with the industries. Shearer said that the city is especially good at not only recruiting jobs, but taking care of who they have and making sure their needs are met.

Stump interjected during this section of the interview to comment about Ligonier’s Mayor, Patty Fisel.

“Patty excels at creating relationships,” Stump said.

Fisel, who was in attendance at the meeting, feels that those relationships are important for the community, as well.

“As Bryan pointed out, our public and private relationships for economic development, that’s one of the greatest things that we have going,” Fisel said. “When we can partner with each other, we can make things like this happen. We can help them. And, in turn, they can reciprocate to us. This is such a tremendous gift.”

She said that Forest River has fit into Ligonier’s community from the start.

“We appreciate Forest River,” Fisel said. “Ever since they have been in our community they have shown community spirit. We welcome and appreciate all of our industry and the relationships we have with them.”

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