LIGONIER — The city is one step closer to having a fully-functioning, spacious fire station.

At Wednesday morning’s redevelopment commission meeting, the plans for the future Ligonier fire station came to the board in the form of large, white paper floor plans.

This was the first time the board, including the mayor, had seen the plans firsthand. Many of them remarked at how large the new station will be.

The current station is too small, and is actually costing Ligoiner more money to maintain than a larger station would, with the station paying for custom equipment to fit inside the tiny space.

The new station, which will sit at the corner of S.R. 5 and Lincolnway West, will be two stories tall with a brick exterior, matching what city hall looks like.

Not only will the station stand to save money, but it will save time and potentially lives. The design lets the building have a different kind of door for the truck bays.

Instead of a rolling overhead door, the bays will be fitted with folding doors that work much faster than the rolling ones the current station has.

“Those doors will open and close before (rolling) doors even open,” City Engineer Rick Pharis said.

Weaver said they visited other fire stations to get ideas for theirs, like layout for equipment rooms, sleeping quarters and a weight room.

The new station’s location in Petit Park still will not affect future plans for a Veterans Memorial that will be on the other side of the park.

The redevelopment commission has previously said the new fire station’s $6.9 million bill will not be footed by taxpayers. Instead, two of Ligonier’s TIF districts will cover the costs.

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