Without a subject in mind for my next article, I thought as I went to bed, tomorrow morning I’ll go driving on country roads. I should see a bird to write about, snow buntings maybe, or a rough-legged hawk or snowy owl, or an early migrant, a robin or bluebird, a meadowlark or killdeer. But …

Before Sen. Bernie Sanders’ narrow New Hampshire primary victory Tuesday night over Pete Buttigieg, Notre Dame Prof. Robert Schmuhl questioned the viability of the two major political parties in his recently published book, “The Glory and the Burden: The American Presidency from FDR to Trump.“

KENDALLVILLE — During last fall’s pre-election debate, an audience member asked the candidates onstage why visitors would come to Kendallville. There were several answers but no one mentioned the biggest reason.

ALBION — A smelly outhouse in Hidden Diamonds Park will make way this year for a new year-round modern restroom that will clear the air and be accessible to everyone.

ALBION — A packed courtroom usually means someone’s in trouble. On Friday, family and friends sat shoulder-to-shoulder in Circuit Court for a happy occasion — to celebrate their loved ones’ graduation from Noble County Drug Court.

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