1. Begone!

5. Blue

8. Instinctive motive

12. Barbershop supply

13. Cover with asphalt

14. Twist and distort

15. Dismounted

16. Tiny particle

17. Like smell of burning rubber

18. *King of Great Britain when America won independence

20. Same as pleaded

21. “Well-____ machine”

22. *Abigail Adams ____ Smith

23. *Preferred cooking device on the 4th

25. They play dead

29. Tiller’s tiller

30. Santa’s reindeer

33. Dwarf buffalo

34. Smart ones?

36. “____ the hills and far away”

37. Penicillin holder, e.g.

38. Part of both levorotary and levorotatory

39. *Like 4th of July

41. Choler

42. Egg dishes

44. Actress Close

46. *Jefferson was three and Washington was ___

47. Medal of Honor word

49. Castle material

51. *Roman Candles and Fountains, e.g.

55. Manuscript sheet

56. Dirty money

57. Dire fate

58. Type of wrench

59. Charitable contribution

60. Genesis twin

61. Dad’s lads

62. General Services Administration

63. Job for a body shop


1. Without a date

2. *American Revolutionary War spy, Nathan

3. Miscellany

4. Type of local tax

5. French composer of “GymnopÈdies” fame

6. Steer clear

7. Prefix for half

8. *U. S. personified

9. Steak choice

10. Power system

11. Former times

13. Saffron-flavored rice dish

14. Stares

19. Decorates with gold leaf

22. Negative conjunction

23. Jewish folklore creature

24. “Superman” star

25. Machu Picchu country

26. Remove from Pinterest board

27. Grieve

28. *Many retailers hold one for the 4th of July

29. Sign of a saint

31. *____ of Liberty

32. Rooster’s girlfriend

35. *13 of these at the start

37. Give a green light

39. *What contestants did at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

40. Ends of shoe laces

43. “____ ____ a high note”

45. What river did to bank

47. Viola da Gamba, pl.

48. Wafting pleasantness

49. Aria, e.g.

50. Comrade in arms

51. *It should never touch ground

52. Official flower of the Kentucky Derby

53. Riddle without solution

54. Obscenity

55. Like The Beatles

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