ALBION — The Noble County 4‑H program began enrolling youth in grades Kindergarten through 12 (as of Jan. 1, 2020) on Tuesday.

When youth become 4‑H members, they may find something new — it may be a skill, a sense of belonging or being useful. 4‑H is based on real‑life projects and programs. It’s adult life in the making.

In 4‑H clubs, under the guidance of a volunteer adult leader, members learn about conducting a business meeting, planning programs and activities, socializing and sharing ideas. Clubs start meeting in January and meet monthly, or every two weeks, until the Noble County Community Fair, July 11-19, 2020. An achievement meeting is held in the fall to recognize each 4‑H members’ accomplishments.

Noble County has more than 55 project areas for members to select from. 4‑H’ers may select as many projects as they wish to complete. Many of these projects have 10 different levels, so that a member can advance and learn more in their project each year. A wide variety of projects, able to suit almost any interest, are available.

Many 4‑H’ers pursue a career in their adult lives that they have started in their 4‑H years. Photography may lead to a studio career or photojournalist; electrical engineers have gotten their start in the 4‑H Electric project; and careers in environmental science may have their roots in 4‑H Forestry, Wildlife, Soil & Water Conservation, Weather or Entomology.

Skills learned in 4‑H may help you in furthering your education, finding a job or pursuing a hobby.

Often, just being able to organize your ideas and finish a project is hard to do, and 4‑H can help.

Electronic enrollment and payment is the preferred way to sign up for 4-H, and the link is

For questions or more information about 4‑H, contact the Noble County Extension Office at 636‑2111, or stop in at the Extension Office in the Noble County Office Complex‑South on S.R. 9, Albion.

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