ALBION — Noble REMC is asking members to stay aware and call them first when it comes to solar installations.

The local electric cooperative recently learned that its members are being targeted by certain solar installation companies, who are using high-pressure tactics and superficial incentives to secure contracts. This usually results in homeowners paying more for less production.

Before signing anything, Noble REMC strongly encourages members to call their office first at 800-933-7362.

As a community co-op, Noble REMC knows several local reputable solar contractors who can supply additional quotes to ensure members are getting the best system for their needs, as well as provide detailed information on their specific energy use and needs.

It’s Noble REMC’s mission to do what’s best for their members, and for those who are interested in solar, the co-op wants to make sure you’re not being promised more than can be delivered.

Noble REMC has worked to diversify its power portfolio in recent years and many utility companies and power generators have.

Officials from Wabash Valley Power, the nonprofit generator for utilities across the Midwest, and Noble REMC officially dedicated the1-megawatt LaOtto Solar Generating Station off S.R. 3 in southwest DeKalb County in July 2019.

That field was part of a Wabash Valley Power initiative to add 400 megawatts of solar power to its energy generation portfolio. The company only received about a third of its power from coal-fired generation back then.

Solar power installations have improved in efficiency and come down in price in recent years, but home installation tends to still be an expensive endeavor for homeowners with a long payback period.

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