PULSE grant

P.U.L.S.E. member Ben Jansen delivers a grant check to East Noble Science Olympiad coach Carissa Prater.

LIGONIER — P.U.L.S.E. of Noble County recently awarded 7 grants totaling $6,612 to Noble County organizations for projects that will benefit county youth.

The money was given to the following organizations:

• Project Playground at Central Noble, $1000

• Project Based Learning Playground Project at Central Noble, match up to $500

• Book Nook at Central Noble, $1,000

• Ceramics Slab Roller at East Noble, $400

• Science Olympiad at East Noble, $1,000

• Girl’s/Boy’s Night Out at West Noble, $1,000

• Outdoor School at West Noble, $1,000

• RespectTeam Programming, $1,000.

Granting this money shows the community that the youth are passionate about getting involved while helping members gain new experiences through philanthropy.

P.U.L.S.E. of Noble County, standing for Philanthropists Utilizing Lifelong Service and Education, is a youth philanthropy organization that is based here in Noble County. During their meetings and service projects the 17 members, made up of East Noble, Central Noble, and West Noble students, work to broaden not only their education in philanthropy but that of all youth in the area.

This is possible through the group’s hard work in service projects such as Little Phil, Kid City, or the Senior Citizen Prom, and granting monies to many other non-profits and schools.

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