1. Cracked open

5. Protrude

8. *”Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood” supporting nominee

12. Eggnog time, traditionally

13. Pol request

14. Capital of Senegal

15. *Jo Van Fleet won for her role in “East of ____”

16. Augmented

17. Shoemaker without shoes, e.g.

18. Ones full of desire

20. VSCO girl’s shoes

21. New Zealand native

22. “The Nutcracker” step

23. Boiled bread product, pl.

26. Guarapo de jagua fruit

30. Edith Wharton’s “The ____ of Innocence”

31. “____ ‘er ____!”

34. *1935 Best Picture nominee “A ____ of Two Cities”

35. Plant a.k.a. golden buttons

37. *Dustin Hoffman was nominated for role in “____ the Dog”

38. Does like Matryoshka

39. Narrative poem

40. Brunch drink

42. Gumshoe

43. 10-sided polygon

45. Qatar native

47. Greek R

48. “Friends” favorite spot?

50. Fodder holder

52. *Oscar winner for “The Revenant” and 2020 nominee

55. Uses a paring knife

56. Twelfth month of Jewish civil year

57. Whirlpool

59. *The first to refuse his award, for “Patton”

60. *He was nominated for “Lost in Translation”

61. Sunburn aid

62. Negative contraction

63. Chi precursor

64. *”The Marriage Story” nominee


1. Reply to a captain

2. *Renée Zellweger’s role

3. Away from wind

4. Dub again

5. *Movie with most 2020 Oscar nominations

6. First cradles

7. *Oscar-winners Gore, Fonda and Cameron did this talk, pl.

8. *South Korean black comedy thriller

9. Image in an Orthodox church

10. Soaks in rays

11. The old college one

13. With numerous veins

14. Backless sofa

19. Campaign trail gathering

22. Coach’s talk

23. Diminished

24. Open-mouthed

25. Relating to a gene

26. Garbage in, garbage out

27. Primo, on Italian menu

28. What tailor shops do

29. *He won an Oscar for role in a Scorsese movie

32. *Oscar-winning writer Julius Epstein to Oscar-winning writer Philip Epstein

33. Ewe’s mate

36. *She’s nominated in 2020... twice

38. Civil rights org.

40. Jersey call

41. Sudden increase in wind

44. *Whoopi Goldberg scored an Oscar for this movie

46. *”Phantom ____,” 2018 nominee

48. Locomotive hair

49. Round openings

50. Cul de ____, pl.

51. *Meryl Streep won for “____ Lady”

52. Mortgage, e.g.

53. Not in action

54. Skunk’s defense

55. Tire measurement

58. Japanese capital

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