45 years ago, Nov. 6, 1974

Noble County joined with the nation in the 1974 General Election in a sweeping Democrat victory. With the exception of electing Robert Probst as judge and Ruth Anna Young auditor, the voters put Democrats in the county offices. Ruth Anna Young won by 14 votes and Probst won more than 60% of the vote.

Miss Cynthia McKenzie and Michael Boggs were united in marriage on Oct. 26, 1974.

The Noble County EMS had been in operation for six months. The program got its baptism under fire April 3, after three days of operation, when the devastating tornadoes raked Noble County. Despite the problems of not having the radios in the ambulances at that time, the efforts of the Noble County EMS were well coordinated. The EMTs from Wolf Lake and Ligonier coordinated their efforts with the Rome City and A1 Production north of Kendallville. The assistance provided by Noble County funeral directors was extremely helpful in helping set up the Noble County EMS and also responded when needed due to the vast numbers of casualties.

Central Noble Middle School had a newly offered class called, “Travel and Photography.” The class had studied the workings of cameras and had taken many pictures. Near the end of the nine-week course, the students put their knowledge of cameras and traveling to work. They planned an overnight trip to Angola. They made reservations at the Holiday Inn for four rooms for six girls, nine boys and four chaperones. They went to Pokagon Park, where they took pictures, toured the Inn and went on hikes. Robert Stiffney was the teacher of the Travel and Photography Class and was in charge of the trip.

25 years ago, July 27, 1994

A tragedy to the spiritual and civic community of Albion happened on July 14, 1994. The body of the Rev. Thomas A. Wildey, 71, was recovered from Norman Lake at Chain O’ Lakes State Park. Wildey had a history of heart problems, died of a heart attack and fell out of this small 9-foot boat while fishing the waters of Lake Norman.

Mark Bormann of Albion was one of six contestants selected to appear on the “Hoosier Millionaire” TV show. Bormann would be competing for the $1 million prize, along with five other contestants.

Yves Fohlen, a Frenchman, expert on World War I and author of a manuscript about an Australian second lieutenant who lost his life in the war, was visiting Bruce and Natasha Smith of rural Albion. Since the age of 14, Fohlen had been passionate about the men who fought in the trenches during the first World War. He had visited cemeteries and he said the sight of all those white stones gave him the feeling he owed a debt of gratitude to those young men who lost their lives for him and his country.

Thanks to the generosity of the Albion community and their volunteers and time given by members of the Albion Fire Department, disabled students attending Albion Elementary would be able to enjoy swings specifically designed for them. The frame for the swings was installed by Phil Jacob, Bob Beckley, Steve Wilson, Larry Huff, Kevin Libben, Greg Gorsuch and Shawn Jacob.

10 years ago, July 29, 2009

Layne Gneiting of Mesa, Arizona, and his family spent the night of July 20, 2009, camping at Hidden Diamonds Park in Albion. Layne was biking across the nation, while his family provided support from their motor home.

After many days of preparation work around Albion curbs and intersections, crews began digging up parts of Orange and Main Streets as part of a state funded project to completely resurface both S.R. 8 and S.R. 9 within town limits.

Camp Lutherhaven was celebrating 60 years with some special events. After six decades of inviting people of all ages to come out to camp, Camp Lutherhaven was excited to be celebrating 60 years of ministry.

Several local agencies benefited from the profits made by the Chain O’ Lakes Festival. The Cougar Closet received a check for $100 to help with school supplies, Miracle Tree of Noble County was given $250, and Black Pine Animal Park received $150. Noble House Ministries received a check for $100 and The Studio was given a check for $500. The food pantry received $150 and LEAP of Noble County was presented a check for $100.

The Noble County Commissioners received correspondence from the City of Elkhart regarding the Elkhart River. The City of Elkhart had developed, drafted and adapted a resolution “condemning the proposed establishment of certain portions of the Elkhart River in Noble County as a regulated drain.” The resolution was adapted by the Common Council of the City of Elkhart on July 6, 2009.

Trevor Tipton was honored by the Indiana Football Coaches Association for 30 years of service as a football coach in Indiana.

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