ALBION — With more than 30 years of experience in athletics, Dave Bremer, 46, knows what he is getting into.

The Central Noble school board named Bremer its new athletic director effective on Monday.

Two weeks before that, Bremer was already at work, getting himself organized for the coming year.

“I’m just trying to get a head start,” Bremer said. “I’m using this month to get my feet under me.”

No doubt, the prep work will pay off. But he knows it will still be a crazy busy job, coordinating athletics for the many offerings Central Noble has:

In the fall — boys tennis, girls golf, cross country, volleyball and football;

In the winter — boys and girls basketball and wrestling;

In the spring — boys and girls track, boys golf, girls tennis, baseball and softball.

Central Noble also has been a mover and shaker in Unified sports, fielding teams of special needs students and their mainstream partners in flag football and track.

Bremer has a trio of goals for all of the athletic programs at Central Noble: to field competitive teams year in and year out, to have coaches who care for their athletes and to get the word out on what the athletes are doing.

With all those sports, Bremer knows days off will be at a premium from August until early June. The same for quiet evenings at home.

“I told my wife it’s a lot like working a second shift job,” Bremer said.

A second shift job where every home event lies squarely on his shoulders to staff and oversee.

If the gym is too hot? He’ll hear about it. If a light on the scoreboard goes out, he will hear about it. The quality of the officiating? The wins and losses for the various teams? He’ll hear about it all.

Bremer knows what’s coming, but chooses to look at the positives of being athletic director.

“It’s also a very rewarding job,” he said. “I want to be part of all the successes. This is an opportunity for me to work with a lot of athletes.”

Bremer knows the Central Noble athletic landscape very well — and athletics in general.

Bremer played football at then-Manchester College for four years. During his time at Central Noble, he has coached football, track and softball.

He wants the athletes to learn all of the lessons sports has to offer, he said, from teamwork to overcoming adversity to perseverance.

As a coach — and now as athletic director — he enjoys the team wins and perhaps the little victories even more.

A track athlete who sets a personal best in the 800-meter run, he said, is a big deal for that athlete regardless of whether they scored in a varsity meet or not.

The only downside is he has had to give up on his teaching career. He spent 10 years teaching second graders in the Central Noble school system, then the last 13 years as a sixth-grade language arts teacher.

His youngest daughter, Mallory, is entering sixth grade this year.

He will miss the chance to teach her, but will still be around at the school for her and his other two children, Maddie, a senior, and Riley, a freshman.

Bremer said he enjoys connecting with his students.

“I like kids,” he said. “I like walking into the grocery store and hearing, ‘Hi, Mr. Bremer.’”

Bremer said he is blessed to have solid coaches to start his athletic director’s tenure, led by football coach Trevor Tipton, boys basketball coach John Bodey and girls basketball coach Josh Treesh.

“It’s great having coaches that have been around the block,” Bremer said. “I’ve been around the block, too. I think I can help them as much as they can help me.”

A fixture at Central Noble into his third decade with the school corporation, Bremer graduated from East Noble in 1990.

His loyalties lie firmly in Albion.

“I’ve loved working at Central Noble,” Bremer said. “It’s been good for me. I married Central Noble. Our wedding colors were burgundy and white.”

Dave and wife Tammy, who works in the Noble County Clerk’s Office, have been married 19 years.

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