FORT WAYNE — Bowen Recovery Center has marked its first full year serving patients struggling with opioid use disorder.

The recovery center serves patients within a 100-mile radius of Fort Wayne, using methadone to treat the physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings paired with counseling and behavioral health therapies. Decades of research has shown this medication assisted treatment to be safe and effective.

Patients are also assisted with insurance navigation, federal identification, food, housing assistance and more at the center.

In its first year, 508 individuals came to Bowen Recovery Center seeking treatment. Currently, 330 patients receive appropriate methadone treatment at the center. The majority of patients learned of Bowen Recovery Center via word-of-mouth.

Patients have ranged in age from 18-73 and have come from 33 different cities in northern Indiana. To date, 54% of patients have been women.

Patients in treatment come every single day. They are randomly screened and must engage in therapeutic services such as group or individual counseling on-site. They also meet with Bowen Recovery Center Medical Director Dr. Carolyn Greer.

Since opening, 97% of Bowen Recovery Center patients have had insurance that covered treatment. Some were not insured when they were first admitted but were provided assistance by Bowen Recovery Center employees to get the necessary documentation for insurance. For those without insurance, a grant from the state of Indiana covers their treatment.

“Treatment is on-going and individualized whether that is obtaining the skills to detoxify or stay on the medication for an unlimited time,” said Kurt Carlson, president and CEO of Bowen Center.

“The goal is always to keep patients alive, healthy and to remove any barriers to treatment while continuing to guide them toward improving their quality of life. We are privileged to help provide the treatment and skills these patients need to be successful during treatment and beyond,” said Carlson.

The Bowen Recovery Center accepts walk-ins and appointments by phone and is open Monday through Friday, from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, from 6-10 a.m., 365 days a year. No one is ever turned away. The Bowen Recovery Center is located at 1415 Directors Row, Fort Wayne. For more information or to get help, call (800) 342-5653.

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