1. Will alternative

6. Put into service

9. Ball on a string

13. Conversation starter

14. “Platoon” setting

15. “Four” prefix

16. Macaroni shape

17. Dunk value

18. *”The Dark Knight” star

19. *Marion Crane stops at a motel

21. *Eccentric scientist teleports himself

23. Sonny and Cher, e.g.

24. *What “The Swarm” attackers do

25. Hot tub feature

28. Think, archaic

30. Kentucky Derby sound

34. *”American Psycho” weapon, pl.

36. Andy’s radio partner

38. Dished out

40. Drunkard

41. Type of turn, pl.

43. Spare in a trunk

44. Pore in a leaf

46. Straight out of bottle, as in whiskey

47. Port of Yemen

48. Angry growl

50. Whiskey grain, pl.

52. Is in Paris

53. “What a ____!”

55. Car nut

57. *Chris Washington meets his girlfriend’s family

60. *Girl bullied at school

63. Type of renewable energy

64. Caviar

66. Abstains from food

68. Opposite of binary

69. Barley bristle

70. Web mag

71. Department store department

72. *Sematary resident

73. Saw again


1. *”____-Wolf of London”

2. Counseling, e.g.

3. Priestly vestments

4. Frank Wright’s middle name

5. Showing cleavage

6. “Do ____ others...”

7. *Photographer and oncologist trapped by Jigsaw

8. Bring character to life

9. Bone to pick

10. And others

11. Pretentiously artistic

12. Morse Code dash

15. Like Murder Mystery Party

20. Pertaining to hours

22. Type of farm house

24. Two for the price of one deals

25. *It terrorized Amity

26. Highway departures

27. Part of mortise joint

29. *Boy brings grief to adoptive parents, with The

31. 9th letter of Greek alphabet

32. Move like on ice

33. *Jack Torrance’s catchphrase “____ Johnny!”

35. “Brave New World” drug

37. Don’t go

39. Fender-bender damage

42. Funerary art form

45. Weapon storage

49. Romanian money

51. The Beach Boys’ “____ Girl”

54. Seatbelt, e.g.

56. Feed in a meadow

57. *”____ Girl”

58. Panache

59. Before feathers

60. One tenth of a dime

61. a.k.a. The Islamic State

62. Tallest volcano in Europe

63. Math class total

65. Be in the red

67. Do needlework

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