Nov. 10

1345 Subject dropped off some old ammo at the police department

1650 Meet at middle school reference starting an investigation.

1940 Domestic at 402 N. Line St. over child custody.

2130 Went with Department of Child Services to a residence reference the previous investigation.

Nov. 11

0015 Took case report and video to jail.

0700 Male stopped at police department to report vehicle in the ditch at CR 300N and U.S. 33. County is already aware.

0730 Crossing guard detail.

0750 Assisted Allen County with traffic reference the vehicle in the ditch.

0808 Verbal warning for disregarding automatic signal.

0830 Evidence lockers emptied.

1325 Assisted county with lines down on Harrold Road.

1437 Subject on station reference his bow hunting gear falling out of the back of his truck in case someone turned it in.

1500 Crossing guard detail.

1530 Assisted county with a semi in the ditch at SR 205 and Blue Lake Road.

1600 Property damage crash in front of Lassus.

1730 Transported subject to VA for self committal.

Nov. 12

0730 Assisted Smith Brothers Towing with a slide-off.

0830 Disabled vehicle on Line Street at PNC Bank. Pushed it into lot.

1100 Funeral detail.

1630 Crash report completed.

1650 Meet at North Mulberry Street residence reference a father/daughter problem.

1730 Juvenile interview.

2032 Report of an minor-in-possession party at a residence on West Whitley Street. No one would answer door, sat back and observed residence.

Nov. 13

0014 Dog barking complaint on North Main Street. Home owner took care of it.

0940 Lockout on Line Street.

1340 Tires sliced on a vehicle on North Line Street, possibly the result of a domestic dispute.

1620 Crash report completed and sent.

1640 Stopped at a residence on West Whitley Street and advised subjects there what would happen if we continued to have problems there.

1655 Theft complaint from a residence on Mill Street, calling party had some suspects, but wanted nothing done.

1900 Found a motorcycle beside the laundry mat. Called property owner and he will have it towed tomorrow.

2215 Bank detail

2300 Lassus detail.

Nov. 14

0126 Traffic stop at Turtle Town Plaza, citation for speed and warning for improper display.

0730 Crossing guard detail.

0800 School walk through.

1030 Individual on station to turn in old meds.

1500 Crossing guard detail.

1715 Assisted county with warrant service, found suspect hiding in house.

1815 Security check due to suspicious activity the night before at Sloffers Well Drilling.

1943 Verbal warning for disregarding an automatic signal.

2028 Assisted at crash on CR 600N and CR 900E. Driver intoxicated. County worked.

2150 Received a call from Kyler Ridge about a possible intoxicated subject. Received another call from McDonalds on same subject. It was a medical problem.

Nov. 15

0010 Three background checks.

0730 Crossing guard detail.

1255 Called Joan about car theft investigation.

1301 Individual dropped off some old meds.

1315 Criminal mischief on Greenwood Drive, battery box strap cut.

1401 Property damage crash Commerce Drive and U.S. 33. County worked.

1500 Crossing guard detail.

1640 Found wallet dropped off at police department

1807 Verbal warning for disregarding an automatic signal.

1943 Assisted county in looking for a vehicle from several hit skips. They located him and he was intoxicated.

2230 Left message for the owner of the wallet turned in earlier.

Nov. 16

0419 South Bend Police Department recovered a gun stolen in 2014 from here.

1100 Lockout on West Whitley Street

1651 Individual picked up his wallet.

1944 Domestic dispute on Short Street, suspects said it was verbal. Both were warned of disorderly conduct.

Nov. 17

1405 Indiana State Police in a vehicle pursuit on Blue Lake Road, captured subject in field behind Circle Drive.

1600 Contacted South Bend Police Department about stolen gun recovery, faxed them our report.

1652 Report of an assault in 400 block of North Line Street. This was all verbal and the calling party was getting kids ready and leaving. This has apparently became a flop house. Spoke with owner about getting some of these people out of there.

Nov. 18

0730 Crossing guard detail.

1030 Indiana State Police Detective Andrew Mills on station to discuss case.

1120 Mailed a case report to insurance company.

1500 Crossing guard detail.

1910 Female on station, something hit her car near IU pond. Found a baseball-sized dent near the roof line. Checked area, nothing found.

2300 Lassus detail.

Nov. 19

0550 Assisted county deputy with occupied disabled vehicle, 5100 block U.S. 33.

0825 Interview for crossing guard.

1043 Paperwork done and sent.

1500 Crossing guard detail.

1525 Verbal warning for speed.

1800 Made contact with South Bend Police reference recovered gun.

2055 Report that C&A Tool had a male black subject in the building taking a shower. Believe he was there for about an hour and left 30 minutes prior to report.

2105 On station to report a stolen gun.

2200 Individual dropped off hound dog found on SR 205, shelter picked it up.

2215 Bank detail.

2230 Assist county, person walking on U.S. 33 near CR 650E. Was the same subject that had been at C&A earlier.

Nov. 20

0730 Crossing guard detail.

0900 EMA training at library.

1400 Completed a supplemental report for sheriff’s department case.

1600 Individual dropped off a found wallet.

1616 Medical assist at Kyler Ridge.

1848 Requested that I monitor a custody exchange.

1900 Followed up with C&A about subject that was in their building.

Nov. 21

0710 Disabled vehicle on U.S. 33, north of Turtle Town Plaza. Got her on her way.

0730 Crossing guard detail.

1500 Crossing guard detail.

1600 Officer Chad Fulkerson received a call of a suspicious person behind the VFW. No other info, requesting extra patrol.

1705 Lockout fire station.

1912 Assist county on Raspberry Court reference a prowler.

2000 Extra patrol C&A.

2005 Extra patrol PNC lot.

2030 Hit-skip U.S. 33 and McDuffee. Vehicle returned to scene. Allen county worked.

Nov. 22

0730 Crossing guard detail.

1500 Meet at PNC reference an attempted fraud.

1515 Possible intoxicated driver northbound SR 205 from Cider Mill Road. Subject not intoxicated.

1915 Assist county on Raspberry Lane again. Calling party confronted two juvenile males going through mailboxes. Unable to locate, county working it. Another resident reported someone had been knocking on their windows.

2230 Verbal altercation in the 800 block of Wheatfield. Spoke to involved subjects.

Nov. 23

0100 ATV driving on soccer fields. Warned individual there are no ATVs allowed in town limits.

0930 Training, Officer Garry Jones.

1430 Training, Marshall Engle.

1915 Verbal altercation at a residence on Millstone. Had son leave for the night.

2157 A son called his mother and advised his girlfriend had alcohol poisoning at a residence on CR 600N. Fire Department hit a deer on the way. We worked the crash and county took care of the other.

2331 Owner of 205 N. Main St. reported a suspicious vehicle near there. Had subject move on.

Nov. 24

0116 Domestic dispute at residence on CR 650E. Divorce proceedings have started. the male left.

1400 Owner of Lucky Lady was checking on property and found that someone had changed his locks.

1500 Training

1700 Disabled truck in roadway at Main and Mill streets. Passerby in a 4x4 pulled it into Sav-U-Mor to wait for a wrecker.

2000 Finished paperwork.

2215 Bank detail.

2300 Lassus detail.

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