Man In his 50s doing pushups

Not every fit body is made in the gym. In fact, you can gain the shape of your dreams by using one piece of equipment — your body. A strict training regimen combined with a nutrient-heavy diet can give you swimsuit season confidence.

Calisthenics is a form of exercise that works a variety of movements to encourage the growth of large muscle groups. This form of activity is great for those who prefer to work out in the comfort of their home rather than traveling to a gym.

Getting started takes strict motivation to stick with a new routine but can produce incredible gains when done properly. Here are some efficient exercises you can add to your home workout. Be sure you document the results to motivate your family and friends.


A staple in a calisthenics workout, the pushup is an exercise used to strengthen your core muscles and inspire proper bench-pressing form once you’re around equipment. Once you master a traditional pushup, try some of the more challenging types like one-handed and explosive pushups or use a resistance band.

Abdominal workout

You have surely seen exercise programs that promise six-minute abs. Unfortunately, building a six-pack is more involved than a few gimmicky workouts. Strengthen your abdominal core with crunches, left-, right- and front planks and back extensions. You should also pay attention to your eating habits as every belly has a six-pack just waiting to become prominent. Losing body fat can increase the visibility of the abs you are toning.

Jumping jacks

The tried-and-true method you probably learned in grade-school gym class is still valuable in your adult years. Jumping jacks are an awesome way to improve endurance levels, enhance circulation and increase your metabolic rate.

Plan to add this activity to your regular calisthenics routine. They provide movement that encourages growth in our calves, glutes and hamstrings. Try to practice the workout with different intensities, sets and reps to change up the program and add new challenges for yourself.

For more ideas, check in with your local trainer or fitness specialist. They will be able to customize a plan for your particular goals and exercise abilities.

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