Using technology when hunting

It’s only natural that when new technologies are eventually applied to hunting, there comes a point at which the concept of a fair hunt is challenged.

Hunting and technology have a complicated relationship. While it’s only natural that new technologies are eventually applied to hunting, there comes a point at which the concept of a fair hunt is challenged.

“Where do we draw the line?” asks “When does technology make hunting unethical?” Weapons such as advanced powder “capsules” used in muzzleloaders and crossbows with automatic loading have blurred the lines between ethical sportsmanship and an unfair hunt.

Each sportsmen must make up his own mind about where the line is drawn. “I believe there certainly is a point where technology surpasses what certain hunting seasons were meant to be,” writes Tyler Freel for

If you’re comfortable with a bit of technology in your hunt, here are some of the latest products to come on the market.

Pnuma Iconx Heated Core Vest. This lightweight vest, worn as a base layer, has electronically heated carbon-fiber elements to keep you warm on a cold morning. It has three heat settings, and an additional battery and charger are available.

Trophy Scan. Visit a location of Texas-based outfitter Los Cazadores, where they will scan your trophy kill using 3-D technology. Then use the data to make mementos such as jewelry, 3-D-printed replicas, quarter-size mounts and bronze replicas. Los Cazadores, will keep your scan file in storage, so you can recreate your prized game anytime.

Spartan GoLive Camera. Billed by the manufacturer as a “next-generation cellular scouting camera,” the Spartan GoLive Camera allows you to live stream at the touch of a button. You can take HD photos remotely, schedule filming times, take motion-triggered and time-lapse videos. It also has a GPS anti-theft feature that functions even when the batteries are removed.

Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace PUREION Field Generator. Intended to safely reduce human scent to help hunters get closer to their game, this product uses a flow of ion molecules to bind to odor molecules and neutralize them.

HuntStand App. “The HuntStand hunting and land management mobile device app combines advanced mapping tools with powerful map layers to allow users to create and share the best hunting maps possible,” writes Its 3-D mode helps you get a more accurate lay of the land, and you can make your own custom maps with boundaries, landmarks and other data. An offline mode even lets you access your map data when you’re out of cell range and even GPS.

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