A woman who authorities say kept quiet for 27 years about her involvement in a murder will remain jailed in Knox County, despite testimony that she might have tried to overdose on medication.

The sheriff's department had asked that Ella Mae Dicks be transferred to the state prison system because it would be better able to monitor and treat her.

In August, a Knox County grand jury indicted Dicks and her ex-husband, Wayne Gulley, on murder charges after police said she confessed that the two of them in 1975 had abducted Sherry Gibson, 23, and her boyfriend, Lindy Alton, 25, while the couple were parked in rural Knox County.

Alton survived the attack, but Gibson was raped and murdered. Gulley has denied any involvement in the attacks, and they both are scheduled to face trial in February.

Sheriff's Chief Deputy Fred Kimmel testified during a court hearing Wednesday that Dicks, 47, of Toccoa, Ga., posed a danger to herself, and the facilities at the jail are not equipped to handle her.

Kimmel said Dicks had told jailers she would refuse to eat or take her medications and that she had no reason to live.

"I understand their concerns," Dicks said of the jail guards. "I get distraught at times. With my bipolar disorder, I get anxious, angry, hopeless. But other days I'm happy and chipper as a lark."

Dicks was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital late Saturday after her fiance, Mike Connor, called the jail and said Dicks had overdosed on her medication. Connor, of Toccoa, had talked with Dicks that evening by phone.

Kimmel said hospital personnel could not confirm that Dicks had overdosed.

Dicks was returned to the jail on Sunday, but is in an isolation cell. Because of the number of prisoners in the jail, Kimmel said it was difficult for Dicks to be monitored as closely as he would like.

Dicks' attorney, Chris Ramsey, has said Dicks suffers from depression and bipolar disorder.

Under questioning from Knox Circuit Court Judge Sherry Biddinger-Gregg, Dicks said she refused to take some of her medication because of side affects and that she did not attempt suicide.

Biddinger-Gregg said if jail personnel saw Dicks as a threat to herself in the future, the department could again ask for a transfer.

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