To the editor:

Michigan is on the brink of an overwhelming rise in COVID-19 cases — higher than anything we saw this spring. Branch County is experiencing significant community spread of the virus as reflected in our increased admissions of COVID-19 patients and the increased admissions in other hospitals in our region.

The staff and medical staff at ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital have been here every day for the residents of the Coldwater community. Through their compassion and caring many of our friends and family in the community have gotten this virus and recovered, and we celebrate that. Caring for our patients has been mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting both professionally and personally for many at the hospital. Along with all of you our staff have faced challenges that we have never seen in our lifetime. You all can be proud of the care provided by the staff at your hospital.

As we continue to face unprecedented challenges you all are vital to our success in moving forward in this community. I ask that you please help protect yourself and family and help contain the spread of this virus in the community.

• Wear a face covering everywhere you go. Science proves they work.

• Stay home more, and postpone those gatherings with friends and family you don’t live with. This is hard — we miss our loved ones. But with the holidays approaching, we have to create less exposure to COVID-19 for our loved ones. We all want everything to be normal. We all want to have many more Thanksgivings together. We all want our kids back in classrooms full time. We can get there by returning to more cautious social distancing practices for the near future.

On behalf of everyone at ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital I want to express how grateful we all are for your support through these difficult times. The community has shown how much you care in so many ways. If we all do our part we can help make this safer and better for all of us.

Daniel Schwanke

President, ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital

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