I generally don’t think much about the contents of my wallet — except when there’s no cash in it — until the time comes to buy a new one.

That happened recently.

When was the last time you looked through your wallet?

Exactly my point.

Unless you’re putting cash in or taking it out, or taking out or putting your credit or debit card back in your wallet, or when you get pulled over by police and need to dig out your driver’s license, how often do you look at the contents of your wallet?

Now that I have a new wallet — it’s quite comfortable by the way — I realized it was definitely time for a new one.

The old one literally had a pocket being held together by a single thread. It was only a matter of time before it gave out.

Buying the new wallet meant going through the old one.

In doing so, I came across several things I had completely forgotten. Most of them likely were there for many years.

  • A girl’s
  • phone number. That has been thrown away. (I don’t remember why I had it in the first place. Now that I’m happily married, I certainly don’t need it.)
  • Multiple old receipts. Those have been shredded or torn up and thrown away.
  • A spare key to a car that I no longer own and no longer exists; and
  • A spare key to door locks that no longer exist for a house that I no longer own.

It goes without saying that the old one was thicker — not quite like George Costanza of Seinfeld-fame thick — than it needed to be.

The new wallet is noticeably thinner than the one it replaced, in part due to these deletions.

Why did I feel the need to hold onto these items? It wasn’t like I was going to use them for anything.

As I’ve gotten older, I’d like to think I’m a little better about keeping my wallet orderly.

For some reason in the past, I felt the need to keep pocket Komets and Eastside sports schedules for many years — we’re talking 10-plus years here — in my wallet just in case I needed to remember who won that one special football game or hockey game, or who the opponent was on my birthday.

I’m talking about the really important stuff to say the least.

Those departed when I bought the now old and replaced wallet.

The trivial things (tongue firmly in cheek here) made the move to the new wallet: cash, driver’s license, credit card, identification and various rewards cards.

Of course, I made sure the even more important stuff also made the move. I’m talking about my Geek Squad card with Sheldon Cooper’s photo on it. I also can’t part with my self-designed UniWatch membership card that looks like the back of a Komet hockey jersey.

As a TV commercial often asks, what’s in your wallet?

JEFF JONES is the editor of The Butler Bulletin newspaper. When he isn’t finding long-lost items of great value in his wallet, he occasionally writes a column for this newspaper.

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