These tickets were paid in Butler City Court Sept. 9-16. The dollar amount at the end of each listing indicates fines, court costs and civil penalties assessed by the court.

Notations in parentheses after each listing represents the agency issuing the ticket.

Yazeed M. Awad, Kendallville, speeding, $150 (DC).

Leia S. Baird, Auburn, driving while suspended, $235 (AUB).

Ilonka Batinkoua, Arlington Heights, Illinois, speeding, $171 (DC).

Dawson C. Betz, Auburn, use of telecommunications device, $171 (AUB).

Kevin J. Binder, Clawson, Michigan, speeding, $150 (WPD).

Lee A. Blair, Otisco, driving while suspended, $235 (BPD).

Haley G. Blaylock, Auburn, use of telecommunications device, $171 (AUB).

Darlene K. Brown, Hudson, speeding, $171 (DC).

Cassie L. Carnahan, Butler, speeding, $171 (DC).

Christopher A. Cassabon, Auburn, driving while suspended, $235 (GPD); expired registration, $150 (GPD).

Carleigh C. Common, Ashley, driving while suspended, $260 (DC); driving while suspended, $260 (WPD).

David M. Cook, Garrett, use of telecommunications device, $171 (AUB).

Alexis H. Cornhill, Angola, speeding, $165 (AUB).

John Crager, Cassopolis, Michigan, speeding, $190 (GPD).

David J. Delaney, Pleasant Lake, speeding, $150 (DC).

Levi W. Diehm, Kendallville, speeding, $196 (DC).

Savannah H. Dize, Huntertown, use of telecommunications device, $171 (AUB).

Sarah J. Edwards, Fort Wayne, speeding, $150 (AUB).

Thomas J. Everitt, Auburn, speeding, $165 (AUB).

Jack C. Figgins, Edgerton, Ohio, speeding, $171 (BPD).

Dilan C. Frain, Auburn, speeding, $165 (DC).

Vivian S. Fry, Kendallville, speeding, $150 (BPD).

Preston W. Fulford, Fort Wayne, speeding, $171 (ISP).

Ross S. Garber, Goshen, speeding, $150 (DC).

David I. Garcia, Fort Wayne, speeding, $165 (DC); learner permit violation, $160 (DC).

Joann Gingerich, Wolcottville, driving while suspended, $258 (AUB); false or fictitious, $173 (AUB).

Marlene G. Gordon, Garrett, speeding, $171 (DC).

Delilah J. Graber, St. Joe, speeding, $175 (DC); disregarding traffic control device, $196 (DC).

Keith A. Groff, Auburn, speeding, $150 (DC).

Alexander M. Gudewicz, Kendallville, driving while suspended, $260 (ISP).

Timothy W. Haas, Garrett, speeding, $165 (DC).

John T. Hague, Fort Wayne, speeding, $150 (DC).

David A. Hamman, Fort Wayne, no tail lights, $146 (DC).

Sebastian C. Hicks, Fort Wayne, speeding, $165 (AUB).

Cody M. Hoeppner, Auburn, expired registration, $175 (AUB).

Benjamin C. Hutton, Fort Wayne, speeding, $176 (DC).

Amanda J. Southworth-Jackson, Butler, speeding, $150 (BPD).

Ronald W. Kaberlin Jr., Indianapolis, speeding, $165 (AUB).

Sedrak Keshesian, Frankfort, driving while suspended, $260 (DC).

Phillip C. Knepper, Auburn, speeding, $171 (DC).

Bradley W. Kreischer, Kendallville, speeding, $150 (DC).

Erika T. Kreischer, Kendallville, speeding, $165 (DC).

Chris Lautzenhiser, Auburn, disregarding stop sign, $171 (DC).

Alexander C. Lebamoff, Fort Wayne, speeding, $165 (AUB).

John P. Lee, Grabill, improper passing, $165 (GPD).

Christopher T. Louthan, Auburn, driving while suspended, $258 (AUB).

Rachel N.G. Lundy, Auburn, speeding, $171 (AUB).

Olivia V. Lusher, Auburn, speeding, $165 (ISP).

Jason M. Lykins, Decatur, speeding, $171 (BPD).

Gabrielle R. Marizon, Rome City, speeding, $150 (DC).

Ashley R. Marshall, Coldwater, Michigan, speeding, $165 (AUB).

Wesley J. Martin, LaGrange, speeding, $171 (AUB).

Rommel D. Mendez, Greenwood, no financial responsibility, $235 (AUB).

Amy J. Meschberger, Auburn, speeding, $150 (DC).

Randell C. Miller, Butler, speeding, $150 (DC).

Karrie A. Miser, Auburn, illegal passing of school bus, $235 (DC).

Adam R. Moyer, Fort Wayne, speeding, $165 (AUB).

Davina R. Mullet, Garrett, failure to yield to emergency vehicle, $235 (AUB).

Tandon L. Norton, St. Joe, expired plates, $175 (DC).

Ollis L. Perry III, Fort Wayne, speeding in worksite, $435.50 (DC).

Heidi C. Poch, Portage, Michigan, speeding, $165 (AUB).

Eric J. Porath, Lake Ann, Michigna, speeding, $190 (AUB).

Michael E. Robinson, Waterloo, speeding, $170 (DC).

Katelyn R. Rodenbeck, Hudson, speeding, $165 (DC).

Lonnie P. Rogers, Valdosta, Georgia, speeding, $190 (AUB).

Bailey N. Rupley, Auburn, speeding, $165 (DC).

Julio S. Mondragon Santillan, Fort Wayne, driving while suspended, $235 (DC); failure to yield $171 (DC).

Madeline S. Schowe, Huntertown, failure to stop at through highway, $171 (AUB).

Jadin M. Shaw, Auburn, speeding, $165 (DC).

George W. Showalter, Corunna, disregarding stop sign, $171 (DC).

Stephanie S. Silvers, Auburn, speeding, $165 (AUB).

Dillon M. Simpkins, Auburn, speeding, $150 (DC).

Lia M. Smith, Hudson, speeding, $171 (AUB).

Shane A. Smith, Fort Wayne, speeding, $165 (DC).

Roy M. Sovis, Grand Blanc, Michigan, speeding, $150 (DC).

Spencer T. Stotler II, Hicksville, Ohio, speeding, $150 (BPD).

Adam W. Sumner, Auburn, speeding, $165 (AUB).

Kayden A. Troxell, Pleasant Lake, speeding, $171 (AUB).

Jaden A.N. Wallen, Auburn, driving while suspended, $260 (DC).

Joshua D. Williams, New Haven, driving while suspended, $235 (DC).

Brianna M. Wissing, Fort Wayne, speeding, $171 (AUB).

Ryan D. Woodward, Waterloo, driving while suspended, $235 (WPD).

Gary V. Wright, Loveland, Ohio, speeding, $171 (DC).

Christopher E. Wurzel, Auburn, speeding, $171 (DC).

(BPD) indicates a Butler Police Department ticket; (ISP) indicates an Indiana State Police ticket; (AUB) indicates an Auburn Police Department ticket; (GPD) indicates a Garrett Police Department ticket; (DC) indicates a DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department ticket; (WPD) indicates a Waterloo Police Department ticket; (HP) indicates a Hamilton Police Department ticket; (AS) indicates an Ashley Police Department ticket; (ICO) indicates an Indiana Conservation Officer ticket.

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