BUTLER — Butler’s Day of Service for 2019 has been canceled, Mayor Ron Walter said Wednesday.

The announcement comes less than a week after City Council member Jerry Eldridge, R-District 1, had announced some of the projects. He had anticipated nearly 150 volunteers would perform 14 service projects in the community.

The Butler Day of Service was set for Tuesday, Oct. 22.

The first Day of Service took place last October, with eight or nine projects and about 80 volunteers. Eldridge had indicated satisfaction with the increased number of volunteers and projects.

The reason for the cancellation comes down to funding, or the lack of it, as Walter explained. As of Wednesday, less than $1,000 had been raised toward the project.

“That’s not even enough to feed the workers, let alone buy any materials,” Walter said. He estimated at least $5,000 is needed to entirely fund the project. Donations for Day of Service were short of expectations.

Lack of supervision was another factor in the decision, he added.

Walter explained the City of Butler was prepared to donate some labor, equipment and materials, but not fund the entire project.

“I talked with (Mayor-elect) Mike Hartman and others about it, and they all concurred it’s not worth doing it this year,” he said. “There’s not nearly enough money raised this year to be able to do it.

“It’s just not organized well enough to be successful,” Walter added. “If it doesn’t go over well this year, what are the chances of doing it next year? Instead of doing it and having people disappointed and dismayed, it needs to be done and done right from the beginning.”

He said he hopes the event will return in 2020.

“The public will be disappointed, and I appreciate the fact that they are,” Walter added. “Things happen, and unfortunately, they happened to us.

“There’s not near enough money, and for the good of everybody, it needs to be canceled.”

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