Top Riverdale scientists

These Riverdale Elementary students qualified for the regional science fair in the primary division for grades K-5. In front, from left, are Quentin Dickerhoff, Stella Steury, Stella Dickerhoff and Ella Spencer. In back are Elsie Steury, Levi Steury, Cori Carnahan and Mackenzie Dawkins.

ST. JOE — Eight students in grades K-5 qualified for the regional science fair at Riverdale Elementary School.

Project judging took place last week.

Cori Carnahan, Mackenzie Dawkins, Quentin Dickerhoff, Stella Dickerhoff, Ella Spencer, Elsie Steury, Levi Steury and Stella Steury all qualified in the primary division. They are eligible to compete at the Northeastern Indiana Tri-State Regional Science Fair on Saturday, March 14 at Trine University, Angola.

The intermediate division projects by sixth-grade students Nolan Baker, Johnny Buss, Bryan Cuenca, Shelby Davidhizar, Lucas Lentz, Sam Pittman, Robert Potter, Andrew Strong, Dax Ullom and Jayden Wallingford advanced to a second round of judging with Butler Elementary and Eastside junior high students.

Primary division special awards

Primary champion: Stella Steury, $25 gift card.

Best display: Levi Steury, $25 Walmart gift card.

Kindergarten: Elsie Steury, $25 gift card.

Third grade: Levi Steury, $25 gift card.

Fourth grade: Mackenzie Dawkins, $25 gift card.

Fifth grade: Ella Spencer, $25 gift card.

Dental science award (presented by Butler Dental Group): Stella Dickerhoff, first place; Cami Abel, second place.

Science notebook award (presented by Barnes & Noble and Butler Public Library): Stella Steury.

Intermediate division special awards

Best display: Paige Kreischer, $25 Walmart gift card.

Biology/health/animal science: Jayden Wallingford, $25 gift card.

Behavioral science award: Nolan Baker, $25 gift card.

Electricity/environmental award: Andrew Strong, $25 gift card.

Physical science award: Lucas Lentz, $25 gift card.

Engineering award: Bryan Cuenca and Shelby Davidhizar, $25 gift cards.

Chemistry award: Sam Pittman and Johnny Buss, $25 gift cards.

Math/computer science/astronomy: Robert Potter and Dax Ullom, $25 gift cards.

Science notebook award (presented by Barnes & Noble and Butler Public Library): Jayden Wallingford.

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