Inabelle Egolf and her husband were married 65 years.

FORT WAYNE — A Churubusco native celebrated a milestone last week — her 103rd birthday.

Inabelle Egolf grew up on a farm in Noble County, just north of Churubusco. She joked that she “grew up spoiled,” as she was an only child.

Egolf attended elementary and high school in Churubusco.

At the age of only 16, she graduated from high school; as she humorously put it:

“They wanted to get rid of me!”

After graduating from high school, Egolf attended the International Business College in Fort Wayne and also worked at a Fort Wayne drugstore company.

She met her husband because he worked for her father, and they dated for about one year before getting married.

“I think I made up my mind before he did,” Egolf said.

She and her husband went on to be married for 65 years and had one son and one daughter together. Egolf certainly kept busy during that time — she not only raised her two kids, but also worked at General Electric for 25 years. Through her work,

Egolf had the opportunity to meet President Ronald Reagan and shake his hand.

“When I worked at G.E., Ronald Reagan was the head of the G.E. Theater. Of course, he wasn’t the President then,” Egolf said.

Egolf mentions how many different things have changed during her lifetime (for better and worse), but maintains that one of life’s constants is the need for a good sense of humor.

She believes that one of the saddest changes today is a lack of communication.

“When I was a kid, people talked at the dining room table. Nowadays, people are on their phones and it’s a breakdown of communication,” Egolf said.

Some things, however, haven’t changed very much for Inabelle’s family. Egolf’s granddaughter lives in the very same house that Inabelle herself grew up in, although now the farm is a “bigger operation.”

Additionally, Egolf has many more grandchildren and great-grandchildren, plus she is anxiously awaiting the addition of a fifth generation to her ever growing family.

Inabelle’s special day was celebrated amongst friends, family, and neighbors at The Village at Pine Valley, on Coldwater Road in Fort Wayne last week.

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