Aug. 4

0330 911 dead calls from a residence on West Pleasant Street. Everything OK.

1600 Lockout at the Magic Wand.

Aug. 5

1400 Met with sales rep.

1500 Ordered ammo.

1533 Suspicious vehicle near Fort Financial. Checked area, unable to locate.

1800 Set up meeting at Thomas Dodge.

1900 Reviewing budget and working on quotes.

1945 Assist Allen County at Pressler’s reference a fight.

2130 Three background checks.

2304 Traffic stop, verbal warning for speed.

2342 Suspicious vehicle on Railroad Street. Located vehicle and spoke to driver.

Aug. 6

0048 Checking out abandoned vehicles on West Pleasant Street. Will contact owner.

0450 Traffic stop, verbal warning for no operators when required.

1200 Criminal mischief to vehicle and boat on Rapp Drive.

1400 Started case reports for protection order violations from an incarcerated subject.

1430 Follow up on a battery case. Witnesses stated that what complainant reported was incorrect.

1900 Took paperwork to Whitley County Jail.

1930 Respond to North Main Street, reference a neighbor problem. Spoke to both subjects.

2000 More follow up on battery case.

2100 Contacted Citgo about a drive-off. He came back and paid.

2110 Spoke to subject about abandoned vehicles on West Whitley Street. He is going to work on removing them.

2212 Assisted Noble County on an overdose.

2242 Traffic stop, verbal warning for disregarding an automatic signal.

2254 Traffic stop, verbal warning for speed.

Aug. 7

0215 Alarm at Edwin Coe. Smoke in building turned out to be steam from a broken pump.

0325 Owners there and securing building.

0342 Traffic stop, verbal warning for speed.

0407 Assist medics on child seizing. EMS transported.

0951 Report of subject passed out in truck at James Auto. Just taking a nap.

1040 Subject on station with old meds.

1045 Respond to police department for delivery on station.

1845 Cleaning lady having trouble securing bank door.

2238 Tagged a vehicle on McCoy Drive.

Aug. 8

0845 Assisted county at property damage crash in front of Turtle Town Plaza.

1245 Concrete truck took down a service line on North Mulberry Street.

2300 Lassus detail.

2330 Assist county at noise complaint near CR 900E and CR 700N. Unable to locate.

Aug. 9

1430 Citizen assist, vehicle broke down near park entrance. Pushed him off road.

1500 New officer in to fill out paperwork and order stuff.

1738 Water main break on West Whitley Street Contacted Jeremy.

2300 Lassus detail.

Aug. 10

0715 Reworking schedule.

0800 Out at the school.

1730 Respond to residence on West Whitley Street in reference to a harassment complaint.

1805 Problem rectified.

1930 Arrested Lisa A. Vinson for OWI.

2300 Lassus detail.

2307 Assist county on firearms complaint on CR 825E.

Aug. 11

1330 Unwanted party at residence on Millstone. Left prior to arrival.

1515 Domestic dispute at residence on North Mulberry Street. Dana Kirkpatrick taken in to custody on a warrant.

1647 Traffic stop, verbal warning for speed.

1709 Assist county at domestic dispute on Raspberry Lane.

2120 Kids riding bikes on new playground material. Advised them no bikes.

Aug. 12

1000 Time sheets to clerk.

1045 Subject in about his firearms permit. Checked with state, they are behind and it will be coming.

1246 Sent out applicant letters.

1320 Subject in and dropped off old meds.

1435 Metal in roadway on U.S. 33 near county line.

2154 Male subject trying to flag down vehicles at SR 205 and CR 300N. County arrested subject for habitual traffic violator. I stood by for wrecker.

2224 Getting reports of flooding. Notified utilities.

2300 Reckless driver reported southbound on U.S. 33. Observed no violations.

2304 Another reckless driver northbound on U.S. 33. Unable to locate.

Aug. 13

0100 Background check.

1801 Background check.

1845 Assist county with an eviction.

1915 Reckless driver southbound on U.S. 33 from CR 550E. Verbal warning for driving habits.

1920 VIN check.

2009 Retagged a car on McCoy Drive. Spoke to owner, it will be taken care of.

2015 Spoke to father of the owner of a Malibu in Holiday Park that has expired plates.

Aug. 14

0040 Assist medics on McGuire Road.

0750 School detail.

1044 Reckless driver northbound on U.S. 33 from Tulley Street. Forwarded to Noble County.

1520 Respond to the crossing guard area reference a dispute.

2300 Lassus detail.

Aug. 15

0730 Crossing guard detail.

0817 Child locked in car on Sheldon Road.

1000 Subject called about getting her dog back from a person that has it. Advised her it was a civil matter, but I would speak to the other person. Attempted contact several time to no avail and can’t make contact with the subject.

1215 Lockout in front of IGA. Couldn’t get it.

2300 Lassus detail.

Aug. 16

0730 Crossing guard detail.

1129 Dispatch had a tip on a wanted subject in a black pickup truck. Located truck and took Joanna Baker into custody on the warrant.

1221 Called a female reference a protection order violation.

1435 Reckless driver southbound on U.S. 33. Verbal warning for driving habits.

1500 Crossing guard detail.

1530 Respond to Turtle Town Plaza.

1900 Subject on station with paperwork reference a protection order violation.

Aug. 17

0830 Subject in with some old meds to drop off.

1030 Lockout at Citgo.

1811 Dog running at large on North Line Street. It’s back home.

1841 Domestic dispute at residence on North Main Street. Resolved for now.

Aug. 18

0153 Shots fired call at Tri-Lakes. Heading that way. County couldn’t locate.

0301 Bank alarm at STAR. Nothing found.

0730 Military convoy coming to town, they are behind schedule.

1200 Military convoy here.

1400 Domestic dispute at a residence on North Main Street.

1654 Report of vehicle southbound U.S. 33. Female passenger hitting driver. In Allen County before could locate them.

1957 Bad storm came through area. Helping with trees down, etc.

2154 Reckless driver southbound on U.S. 33. Subject having mechanical problems.

2220 Assist county with a domestic at 6700 block of U.S. 33. Female left before arrival.

2245 Assisting county with intoxicated driver at SR 205 and CR 300N.

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