June 17

0836 Lost plate report.

0955 Meet at 200 block of Clingerman reference a dispute between tenants. Spoke to calling party, other half gone.

1056 Other half of dispute is back. Spoke to him also.

1222 Assist county on CR 300N reference a family dispute. There is a gun involved. Wasn’t actually a gun involved, calling party overreacted.

1820 Called medics to Diamond 1. Two kids collided, knocking one out.

2210 Bank detail

June 18

1630 Assist county with turtle in the road US 33 and CR 700N.

1630 Reckless driver Northbound US 33. Verbal warning for driving.

1845 Possible suicidal subject texting messages to ex wife. Drunk, not suicidal.

June 19

0030 Assist medics at Kyler Ridge.

1319 Report of a lost purse on station.

1335 Lockout at park.

1947 Subject on station to report threats.

2054 Two subjects on station to report a battery. Long forming it.

June 20

0115 Assist county physical fight on Timberlane.

0125 County arrested one subject on warrants.

0145 In-service.

0200 Female on station to report son has taken her car and is suspended.

0230 Stopped the vehicle.

0255 John Reed arrested for driving while suspended prior.

1550 Subject dropped off two rusty old handguns to be destroyed.

1815 Verbal dispute at residence on US 33, civil matter.

2215 Bank detail

June 21

0930 Property damage crash post office parking lot.

1153 Female on station about a custody issue report.

1600 Request for handgun permit, in Marshall Engle’s box.

1825 Call a subject, he has questions about a protective order.

June 22

1130 Personal injury crash US 33 and Blue Lake Road. Assisted with traffic.

1320 Verbal dispute at residence on Millstone Run.

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