Politics, money, abortion, religion, racial equality – these are all areas that deserve our attention and an open dialogue.

The problem, it isn’t as easy as it would appear.

As newspaper editors go, it would seem I am far from the norm. I do not like politics. I also don’t like to talk politics, and I certainly do not like to editorialize on politics, but I do, because it is my job.

Often, I find myself sitting back as others fervently voice their opinions on Trump’s first year in office, the health care bill or tax reform. I listen, but I don’t speak. It is not because I do not have an opinion, rather, I have found when you are a conservative voice, you are often less audible than others in the room.

The more I dive into the world of politics, the greater I despise the effect it is having on those around me. People can get ugly when talking about what is happening in Washington D.C.

Don’t get me wrong, ask me about my stance on abortion or religion and prepare to sit awhile. These are things I hold strong opinions about. As a pastor’s wife and Christian you can imagine I take a strong conservative stance on such matters.

I strongly believe we should stand-up for what we believe in, but the matter before us should be how are we standing and are we hurting anyone in the process. Are you towering over someone, raising your voice and demeaning them in order to get your point across? Or, are you sitting across the table and listening to another’s views. We often try to convince ourselves we are listening to those who express differing opinions than our own, but truth be told, as they speak we are already formulating our rebuttal.

To have an open and productive dialogue with another we need to be prepared to sit in silence taking in their words and emotions, just as we would hope they will do when we speak. We need to be open to the possibility that another’s point of view may be just as valid as our own. We need to realize that we may not be right in our stance, even if that hurts us.

So, how does a pastor’s wife, mother of three and newspaper editor marry the position she finds herself in — being a conservative voice in a rather liberal field? She stays true to self.

That being said, I look forward to sharing with you in the months ahead my views, opinions and life. We may not always agree, but the dialogue will begin.

Amy McCarty is editor of The News Sun. Contact her at amccarty@kpcmedia.com.

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