Faith of a child

Writer Amy McCarty’s son, Micah, center, is embraced by his father, Bradley McCarty, following his baptism Sunday at Lifehouse in Huntertown. Looking on is the church’s pastor, Tony Johnson.

As a parent I often find myself in awe of my children. How they learn and adapt to their surroundings. How kind they are to friends and even complete strangers, and how intelligent they are.

But there is one area of their lives that leaves me standing in wonder – how their simple faith surpasses my own day after day.

Most recently our youngest, Micah, who is 5, made the decision to follow Christ with his life. He had started to ask the question last summer when his little friend, Trinity, was baptized. He wanted to know more about it – what it meant and why we do it.

My husband and I answered his questions and then paused, expecting he would want further explanation. “OK,” he responded. That was that.

A month passed and he began to again ask questions. “What does it mean to be baptized?” he would ask. My husband responded, “what do you think it means?” Micah would give his answer and then drop the topic for a few more weeks.

Each time he would ask a few more questions. He wanted to know more and we were enjoying watching him grow in his faith and knowledge of the Lord.

About a month ago, Micah once again began to talk about being baptized, only this time, he wasn’t asking questions, he was telling us about what it means to have a relationship with Christ and why he wanted that in his life.

My heart swelled listening to him. How could such a young soul have such a deep, yet simple, understanding of what it meant to follow Christ? Then I realized, Micah had it all right — it’s simple. You love God, you love others and you chose to follow Him.

As adults I think we often try and muddy the waters of our faith and others’ by getting lost in theology.

We tell ourselves we need to fix things or clean up our lives before we can have a relationship with Christ. We forget what it is like to have the faith of a child and just believe that Christ is enough and there is nothing we should want more than a relationship with him.

On Sunday, as Micah and his daddy stepped into the baptismal pool my eyes began to tear and my heart grew. He was so excited and couldn’t wait to show his family, friends and church family that Christ was enough for him.

What about you? Is Christ enough? Is the love of a Savior who will meet you where you are and love you without question enough? Don’t muddy the waters with your own conditions, Christ is waiting.

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