The Rev. Phyllis Smoot

The Rev. Phyllis Smoot, at right, attended The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem with Terry and Grace Housholder in June 2015. All three are from Kendallville. Smoot is pastor of Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church in rural Kendallville and St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Albion.

Do you know that the Easter bunny comes on Holy Saturday at pastors houses? Yep. So, right before our Saturday dinner, Gen was given a chocolate bunny from her aunt. She took her bunny and held it close to her chest and went upstairs to her room to play. I said, “We will be having dinner soon.” Gen and all the other kids were gone in a flash to play.

After about 10 minutes, she comes down and there is chocolate all over her face and hands. That chocolate bunny didn’t even stand a chance! It seemed like it was traveling down her throat in no time. This gave me a question to ponder. How do you eat your Easter chocolate bunny? Alright, and for those who don’t like chocolate, what about the jelly beans? Any Easter treat?

Now for me, I take that Cadbury Creme egg and take a small bite off the top. I let that chocolate melt in my mouth. The next bite is to drink some of the yummy cream in the middle. (My favorite part.) When I can’t reach it, I bite the chocolate edges and eat it like my first bite. This method of eating takes longer then how Gen ate her chocolate bunny. I savor every moment and can’t wait for the next one, if there are any and no one else in the house knows where my secret stash is located.

Which leads me to another thought to ponder. What kind of Easter person are you?

Do you take in everything that is that Easter Sunday, the new outfits, fancy clothes, Easter lilies, wonderful Easter hymns, family dinners, Easter Egg hunts and do it all in just one day? Or, do you take Easter Sunday and nibble a nice taste of the resurrection so that it lingers on for a little while longer?

Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day, is one day but the church year season is 50 days and there is much more to the story of Jesus’ resurrection. God’s plan of salvation for the world didn’t stop at the resurrection, it was meant to be proclaimed and acted upon. In Luke chapter 24 when the women go to anoint and take care of Jesus’ body in the tomb, they discovered he was not there. Instead of just staying there with this news, they went to the disciples and everyone who was grieving with them that Jesus is alive! In Acts chapter 5, the apostles are letting anyone and everyone know about Jesus and the new life that has been given to them that is also given to everyone.

Easter isn’t just one day, Easter is now! There is new life to be claimed and proclaimed. We who believe have the power to create this in our lives and every aspect of it, family, work, community, church, baseball fields, bowling alleys. And this can happen only when we understand that Easter is more then just one day and meant for more than just me..

So, have you eaten all your Easter chocolate? I have just eaten the ears and head of my chocolate bunny and I have a long way to go. If you are all finished, go out and get some on sale now for sure, enjoy this resurrection life one sweet bite at a time and share the sweetness of the risen Lord.

Rev. Phyllis Smoot is the pastor of Mt. Pleasant and St. Mark’s Lutheran Churches in Kendallville and Albion. She can be reached at

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