To the editor:

I am somewhat puzzled today! I remember in years past, it did not matter which party was in office, Democrat or Republican. You could rest assured that they had the best interest of the American populace and their safety as their main priority. They worked together to maintain this ideal. What is happening?

Our current officials wonder how COVID is being spread. Could it be from the disbursement of ill, untested and/or unvaccinated individuals throughout our country from our southern border? Why are they not held to the same standard of prevention that is demanded of us? There is a moral way to allow entry into our country. This chaos is immoral and deplorable.

Businesses are screaming for workers. I have spoken with numerous business owners all over this country. The consensus is the same, "We cannot compete with the government who is paying them more to stay home."

Everyone knows that the news does not lie! They are telling us that the curtailing of the pipeline, and the implementation of free handouts will not affect the average Joe, only the very wealthy. I am not wealthy and consider myself an average American. Can anyone tell me where these grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and lumber yards are located? You know the ones that have not raised their prices over the last nine months? I know they must exist because the new media says so.

My friends, I know that without free enterprise, small business, and a working populace, you cannot have a democracy. When you have not democracy, you have no freedom ...

We, The People, better wake up and fast.

My opinion.

Sandy Butler


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