East Noble High School graduate Jonathon Kane of Kendallville won a College Production Award at the Lower Great Lakes Regional Emmys in the student category Saturday night, June 15, when more than 500 broadcasting and media professionals gathered at the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland.

Director Kane’s film The Concourse won the 2018 Regional College Production Long Format category award.

“I was completely stunned when I heard our film’s name announced. A nomination in and of itself is a huge honor, but to win the award was just astounding,” Kane said.

Kane — a 2014 East Noble High School graduate and winner of the Lilly scholarship — attended Huntington University, graduating in 2018 with a degree in film production.

In addition to The Concourse, four films were nominated for the award: one other film from Huntington University, two from Taylor University and one from Indiana University.

Attending the awards ceremony with her son was Susan Kane. Kane and his mother returned to Kendallville for Father’s Day with his father, the Rev. Jim Kane and brother, Daniel.

It was the first such award for both Kane and Huntington University.

“As I ran up to the stage with my producer James Ehle, I felt a bittersweet wave wash over me. Many of my best friends from college had also been nominated for their films, some of whom I was competing against. Knowing how much heart and soul they poured into their projects, I wished they could join me up there.

“Speaking up on the stage was a complete blur. I had to watch the replay to remember what I said,” he said.

“After we stepped offstage, I was just so grateful. Grateful to my parents who pushed me to persevere in my writing and on taking a shot at making it in Los Angeles. And grateful to God for His constant provision and His goodness in my life.”

The Concourse is a dramedy about an overworked, high-strung airline pilot who encounters an unexpectedly carefree young man when a delayed flight forces them together.

The 14-minute film was filmed almost entirely inside the Fort Wayne International Airport.

The Concourse can be viewed for free on YouTube and Vimeo. Search “The Concourse Short Film” on those platforms to find it.

Kane created the story and co-wrote the screenplay with his producer and friend James Ehle. Kane also directed the film.

Kane said the film resonates with people of all ages. “In a world of nothing but dark and depressing short films, we have been commended for making an uplifting, heartwarming story,” Kane said. “It’s a warm, fun ride.”

Kane lives in Los Angeles, and works with Paramount Studios’ Page Program in Hollywood — giving studio tours, managing TV show audiences and learning the ins and outs of the film industry. He also works for an augmented reality tech company Superba AR, filming and editing their commercials marketing their smartphone apps that are changing the future of technology.

He pours the rest of his time into his local church, Reality LA, spending time with friends exploring the city, and writing speeches and talks as he pursues becoming a public speaker.

Kane said from the moment he met his college roommate and now lifelong best friend, Ben Crane, the two of them have wanted to form their own film production company.

The goal is to set-up shop in Fort Wayne when they return from their film ventures, Kane in Los Angeles and Crane in Oklahoma City.

Kane also hopes to direct more films.

Kane, who has returned to Los Angeles, invites people to reach out to him on his website at jonathonkane.myportfolio.com.

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