Earlier this month, I stopped by The Bargain Shop on Kendallville’s Main Street. The Bargain Shop is one of those wonderful nonprofit places where people can donate good used items to be sold at a very low cost. Then The Bargain Shop donates back to the community. It so happened that I arrived when the lady at the cash register was very busy with customers — and I was running late for a meeting. So I peered over the customers to catch the cashier’s eye. When I caught her eye, I said, “I’m leaving these small donations,” and I placed the white bag (which had some black lettering) on the floor beside the counter. Hearing my words, the customer in front of me turned around with a start and looked at the floor. Then she looked at me. “Oh,” she said, with a laugh, “I thought you said you were leaving small Dalmations!”

Speaking of donations ... and Dalmations and dogs and cats, in general ... Noble County’s humane shelter needs donations of used newspapers. The shelter is located on Sherman Street, across from South Side Elementary School, near East Noble High School. They only want newsprint — no glossy newspaper inserts — just old newspapers. Thank you!

“You can leave now,” Eli told his mom on the first day of second grade. “Just look at me and smile,” his mother Tausha said then I’ll leave.” Half of Tausha’s request was granted — he looked at her ... And when Tausha picked him up after school and asked him about his day he told her, “I fell at recess off that one thing and I hurt my back really bad. My back was hyber-ating.” Probably he was referring to a sensation like when you hit your funny bone and it sends tingles in that area. —Tausha Parks Mason of Kendallville

On the first day of school Ashley Bigelow of Auburn made a note of what each of their oldest three daughters see as a career goal:

Entering fifth grade, Audrey said she wants to be an author when she grows up. Caroline is in second grade and is sticking with wanting to be a baby nurse. Kate is in kindergarten and said she wants to be a doctor when she grows up so she can give her sisters shots!

Al’s grandson Wyatt, 9, announced that his dad is Al’s son-in-law. “Yes, that’s right,” Al said. Then Al asked him, “What is an in-law?” Another grandson, Cole, 8, said, “That’s someone who is not old enough to be an adult!” Then Wyatt said, “Well, I think it’s like a cousin but you’re not related!” — Al Huth (grandfather of Wyatt and Cole) of Kendallville

Thank you to everyone who shares stories and/or photos for the “Funny things kids say” column which I have been writing since 1987! If you have a story or photo to share please email me at ghousholder@kpcmedia.com or mail stories to me at 816 Mott St., Kendallville, IN 46755. Thank you!

GRACE HOUSHOLDER is a columnist and editorial writer for this newspaper. Contact her at ghousholder@kpcmedia.com.

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