“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be wary; they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 (Life Application Bible)

So very much sadness had come into her life, she felt like her life was truly falling apart. Years of marriage coming to an end was a total surprise to her.

Never had she imagined life without her precious family. It was like a tornado of greatest turbulence had assaulted her very being and she had no place to turn.

Her faith had become stagnant and life was concentrated on just making ends meet. The depth to which this hurt cut into her very soul seemed to drain her of all energy and she felt she could not even walk at times.

Tears of sorrow consumed her sleep time, pains of not seeing her children cut like shards of glass into her heart and soul. She felt she would never be able to sustain life as she had known it, ever again.

This all-consuming sorrow could affect any of us at any given time in our lives. I have had sorrow and I know we all have had sorrow and it does not just go away in an “instant” of renewing ourselves.

What it takes is time. This is the time we are spending walking in the desert of life as we “wait upon the Lord.”

Some fall away from God for some reason or another, some never are brought up in faith, and some just are too busy to bother with God, being in their lives.

When we get so caught up in the “being” of time where we think we can do it all, be all, that is our self-will in us, and that self-will is going to make us fail.

And fail we will if we continue on through life not seeking God, who loves us beyond all we can possibly imagine love is. We need Him in our lives to sustain us during these hard times that do and surely will come, at one time or another, to disrupt this thing we call “happiness.”

Happiness cannot be totally obtained without having faith; we are like an oasis, surrounded by sand in that desert of life. That oasis may be rich with green and flowing with water, but someday, all that could dry up and be blown away, just like our life can dry up and disappear, as we know it today.

If we have the faith to wait upon God to guide us in our life directions, He will continue to give us that renewal it takes to thrive through the turbulence that comes our way.

He will give us the strength of eagles’ wings to soar above the swirling debris that often lies below us, trying to pull us down. We will soar like the eagles above that debris, and when we land on His firm ground of hope and love we will run and not be that weary soul we were before. We will walk amidst the chaos that sometimes surrounds us and not grow faint.

Do you know why we will be able to do all these things? Because we take every moment of our life and give it to God and we wait upon His timing, not ours.

I have learned this lesson over and over again, still I somehow find myself going toward that “self-will” thing that tries to come between me and God.

I can overcome and you can overcome this if you will just put all of your life, your faith, and your everything and give it to God and in His timing you will soar through life, knowing how protected and loved you are, but that takes faith.

God bless you and yours and any animal companions you have.

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