Sara and Sara

Two Saras enjoyed a Memorial Day picnic at a neighborhood beach in New Jersey. The Sara on the right is the granddaughter of Grace and Terry Housholder of Kendallville.

I’ve been in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for a while with our granddaughter, Sara, and family; that’s where some of this week’s stories are from.

At a Memorial Day gathering for neighbors, I met Millie. Her granddaughter, Sara, 5, joined us and we took a picture of the two Saras: Millie’s granddaughter Sara and our granddaughter Sara, who was about to turn 3.

Later, we grandmothers were talking about Sesame Place, where both Saras had celebrated birthdays, and Millie recalled a story about when her Sara told her she was afraid of The Count on Sesame Street. (Count von Count is a mysterious but friendly vampire-inspired Muppet who first appeared on the show in 1972.) Millie told Sara The Count is not a person and she shouldn’t be afraid of him. Sara said, “No, he is a person because I saw him at Sesame Place and he talked!

Here are a few more Sara stories, from our granddaughter Sara, 3.

Earlier this spring Sara was with her mother, who was beautifully dressed for an occasion. Sara reached up, tenderly cradled her mother’s face between her hands, and said, “Mommy, let me kiss your make up!”

Shortly after I arrived, Sara, who is very independent, went up to her bedroom and dressed herself in an outfit for going for a walk and playing in the park. She is good at picking out clothes that go well together. She came downstairs, wiggled her hips and announced, “I’m ready to race!” That was her way of saying, “Let’s get going!”

On a quiet afternoon Sara was playing with a baby doll, that was dressed in pink. I came across some type of pink doll accessory and told Sara, “Give this to your baby.” Sara replied, “She’s not a baby! She’s a daughter! Sara’s daughter!”

Sara has been very healthy but one morning her throat must have been a little scratchy because she told me, “My cough hurts.” After a drink of water her “cough” was fine.

A few weeks ago, Maria Joy, almost 3, was using the potty. She had been in the bathroom for a while. Her grandmother entered the bathroom to wash her hands. Maria looked up and said clearly and sweetly, “Would you please get out — I’d like to have my privacy!” Vi replied, “Yes, I’ll get out but let me dry my hands.” After Vi dried her hands she began to close the door behind herself to give Maria Joy her privacy but Maria Joy exclaimed, “Oh, don’t close the door!” — Vi Wysong of rural Wawaka

Thank you to everyone who shares stories and/or photos for the “Funny things kids say” column which I first started writing in 1987! If you have a story or photo to share please email me at or mail stories to me at 816 Mott St., Kendallville, IN 46755. Thank you!

Grace Housholder is a columnist and editorial writer with KPC Media Group. Contact her at

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