Sylvie with Shucked Apart 13

Barbara Ross has shamelessly used her granddaughters to promote her series of Maine Clambake Mysteries. Here’s the latest baby spokesmodel (babblemodel?), Sylvie, just turned one, posing with Shucked Apart, coming Feb. 23.

Tia, 3, has been loving the Mr. Men and Little Miss books like Mr. Happy & Mr. Messy and they found a season of short animated movies of them that are 5-7 minutes long on Amazon. Courtney asked Tia to wait a minute so that she could get them to play automatically when one ends. Courtney explained to Tia that she wanted to do that “because they are all short.” Tia waited a minute and then said, “They are not all short — not Mr. Tall!” — Courtney Zuehsow of rural Garrett


Phillip, 3, lives in Chicago. After the recent heavy snow storm he was talking over FaceTime with his grandmother, Vi, of Wawaka. “I went sliding down the mountains!” he said with a big, happy smile. “I went fast!”

“Did you go to the park?” Vi asked, trying to think of a sledding hill near their apartment.

“No, to the MOUNTAINS!” Phillip replied. It turns out they had gone to the large parking lot where Phillip’s mother works and made good use of the huge “mountains” of plowed snow.


The following is the transcript of an early morning conversation between our grandson Oliver, 2, and his mother. Catherine made the recording when she was reviewing the facts with him.

“Oliver, why did you wake up last night?”

“I heard a lot of noise and the moon shined and I hit it and it went away.”

”You hit the moon?”


“Why did you hit the moon?”

“Because it woke me up. And it went down and the sun came up.”

“And then you woke up?”



Joyce Crowl sent me an email, “Just to keep you up to date on the Yavello girls.” Ruby was having a blast getting ready for Valentine’s Day at daycare. She enjoyed decorating her Valentine bag and then asked for a black marker “so it would look creepy!” She got her holidays a little mixed up!


Recently while getting ready to participate in a zoom meeting, I moved something on my screen and accidentally activated Siri — Siri is defined as a “voice assistant by Apple.” I rarely use Siri because “she” often misunderstands me and I can do things, usually, more accurately on my own. Anyway, Siri popped up and said something like, “How can I help you?” I was making progress figuring things out — and help from Siri was the last thing I wanted. I muttered very softly to myself, but still audible, “Oh, stupid Siri.” Immediately Siri replied, ”That was not a nice thing to say!” I was so startled. I will be a lot more careful in the future, Siri.


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