Hart haunted house

Karla Hart of Kendallville shared this picture of their granddaughters who didn’t last long in the haunted castle they visited with the Girl Scouts. After about three minutes they and their mother bailed.

Chelsey was talking with her daughters, Paisley, 9, and Penny, 7, about Paisley’s Girl Scout event which was going to be the next day. Chelsey told Paisley “And you will get to see bison and elk!” Penny overheard the conversation and asked, “Who is Bison and Elk?” — Karla Hart (grandmother of Paisley and Penny) of Kendallville

Here is another story from Karla. They were going around the table saying what they are thankful for and Penny said, “I’m thankful for the dogs and our family.” Paisley said, “I agree,” and so did their mother, Chelsey. Eric, the father, said he “is thankful our family managed to not get COVID so far.” Penny said, “I’m not very thankful for the cat!”


Phillip, 3, is very confident. While showing his grandmother, Vi, the airplane on his T-shirt, he looked at Vi very seriously and said, “Did you know that I am very good at flying airplanes?” Vi said, “Flying airplanes?!” “Yes, very good!” he said firmly. He was not to be dissuaded. Vi didn’t know what to say. “You don’t argue with 3-year-olds when they are confident they can fly planes,” she said. Supporting note from great-aunt Grace: Flights of imagination are almost always a lot of fun! — Vi Wysong of Wawaka


Oliver, 3, with his mother, Catherine’s help, often sends short audio messages to his cousins. Oliver lives in Chile and his message to his cousin Jane, 10, who was preparing to fly from the U.S. back to Norway was, “Enjoy your float!” Then you hear Catherine correcting him, saying, “No, Oliver, it’s enjoy your flight!” But Oliver was adamant. “Enjoy your float!” he said again! Not exactly what you want to hear when you are preparing to fly over the Atlantic — but probably he was envisioning the plane floating through the clouds — not floating on the waves. Anyway, he was firm about ”enjoy the float!” Jane and her mother, Dorothy, did, indeed, have a smooth flight back to Bergen.


Priscilla, 5, was reading with her mother one of the Clifford books about Clifford’s first day of snow. In the illustrations the kids have earmuffs on. Priscilla asked, “What is that?” Her mother, Catherine, said, “Those are earmuffs to keep your ears warm ... I don’t have any of those.” But Priscilla replied, “No, Mommy, of course you have earmuffs ... they are black.” Priscilla was convinced that Catherine was teasing that she doesn’t have earmuffs. But then Catherine figured out that Priscilla was referring to Catherine’s big, black earphones that are noise canceling. “To be honest they do look like earmuffs!” Catherine said. — Catherine of Santiago, Chile


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