The Zuehsows had the blinds partially closed so there was a rectangular opening. Tia, 2, spent the morning recently pretending to serve fast food through the opening to all the cars driving by. She kept yelling, “Here is your hamburger!” or “Wait, have some French fries!” and she talked faster if they were driving fast. Tia’s mother, Courtney, said, “If you drove by ... thanks for playing!” — Courtney Zuehsow of rural Garrett

Courtney has always said “That’s my girl!” to Tia. For a few weeks, Tia replied, “Nope, Daddy’s girl!” Then one night she was playing with her father Dalen and needed a diaper change. From the other room, Courtney said, “Well, you are Daddy’s girl.” She said “Nope, Mommy’s girl” to which Dalen said, “That’s my girl!”

During December my sister Sally was in Austria visiting her two granddaughters. Salma, 5, speaks English well, but Florentina, 3, only speaks in German, although she understands English. Florentina has a lot to say, so Sally often asks Salma to translate what Florentina is saying. One day in the car coming home from “kindergarten” (nursery school) Florentina was talkative but not in a good mood. Salma was translating but Florentina was getting frustrated. When Sally tried to clarify something she thought Florentina had said (per Salma’s translation) Florentina yelled at the top of her lungs, “NEIN!” Then Salma stated flatly, “She said ‘No.’” — Sally Witwer Stolz of Maryland

I was blessed to spend three weeks in Key West for Christmas and into the new year with our daughter Catherine, her husband Diego, and Priscilla, 3, and Oliver, 1. They live in Santiago, Chile, and the children speak mainly Spanish. One time at lunch Catherine smashed an avocado in a bowl for Priscilla to eat with crackers. The idea was that Priscilla would get something special when she was done with the avocado. Priscilla proclaimed she was done. Doubtful, Catherine said in English, “Show me your bowl.” Priscilla immediately lifted and pointed her elbow at Catherine. We all — including Priscilla when she realized her mistake — had a good laugh.

Thank you to everyone who shares stories and/or photos for the “Funny things kids say” column which I have been writing since 1987! If you have a story or photo to share please email me at or mail stories to me at 816 Mott St., Kendallville, IN 46755. Thank you!

GRACE HOUSHOLDER is a columnist and editorial writer for this newspaper. Contact her at

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