Grayson 4

Grayson is ready for more great adventures, now that he is 4.

Grayson, who turned 4 in May, was telling his parents how much he’s grown since he was 3 ... He said, “Things look so different from up here!” — Shane and Stacie Housholder (parents of Grayson) of Fort Wayne

Here is another Grayson story. A few weeks after turning 4, Grayson asked, “Mom, can you get me those things you breathe with underwater?” His mother Stacie asked, “Goggles?” Grayson replied, “No, the thing with a straw and flippers!”

An adult cousin interrupted lunch for a 5-year-old and told him they could play when he was done eating. Grandma confirmed that a 5-year-old should eat before getting down from the table. She went outside. The 5-year-old said to the adult cousin, “Quick, get under the table and pretend you’re a puppy!” (Were there plans to feed the adult cousin his food?) — Carol Young of Albion

Reading last week’s column about technology and how rapidly things are changing reminded Cheryl Barker of her granddaughter, Ally, helping her to sort some boxes of “stuff.” Ally opened a box of music cassettes, pulled one out and asked what are these? Cheryl told her they were cassettes and she replied, “What does that mean”? She and her brothers, Ben and Will, spent several hours having a great time going through the box and playing some oldies but goodies! (Cheryl still has a cassette player if she’s going to have cassettes!) They also opened a box of books and in it was a copy of the “Funny things kids say” books (the first “Funny kids” book was published during the late 1990s) with stories from this column. Ally was impressed that her dad was in it! — Cheryl Barker of Kendallville

Another grandchild, Mikey, was trying to think of the saying snow birds when he asked his mom, Jamie, if she thought she would ever be a Florida Flocker?

Ally, 15; Ben, 13; and Will Barker, 10, are from Kendallville and Mikey Riedeman, 13, is from Indianapolis.

Thank you to everyone who shares stories and/or photos for the “Funny things kids say” column which I have been writing since 1987! If you have a story or photo to share please email me at or mail stories to me at 816 Mott St., Kendallville, IN 46755. Thank you!

Grace Housholder is a columnist and editorial writer for this newspaper. Contact her at

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