Luke is on the move now and his top destination appears to be dog food.

This may be genetic.

Our baby has been extra squirmy now for the past few weeks and recently he’s been making major efforts to try to crawl. He was rocking back and forth a lot and while he’d get up on his knees, he couldn’t figure out how to coordinate his arms and legs at the same time. Most of the time, as he tried to move, he would just flop onto his tummy and flail his arms and legs like a fish. And, of course, start crying because his efforts were foiled.

Within the last week though, it appeared that he was getting closer to putting all the pieces together. While playing with his toys on his blanket, he was getting much better and spinning around as well as moving in reverse (he’d try to go forward but end up sliding backward).

I read that a good way to encourage your baby to crawl or walk is to try to lure them with something they want to play with. For Luke, that’s been three things — my cell phone, the remote control and my Nintendo Switch controller. (Side note, I know babies aren’t supposed to have screen time, but Luke is already proving to be a major technophile.)

On Thursday night after dinner, I was sitting on the floor with him trying to coax him into moving. He was up on all fours and looking ready to go.

“Come on, bud, you can do it!” I said. “You gotta go arm, leg, arm, leg. Be coordinated.”

And, a moment later, Luke put his first hand down with purpose. His legs were still kind of caught under him, but rocking back and forth for a minute, he was able to get them behind him. He reached forward with his other hand and suddenly, he was moving forward.

He didn’t go far, maybe two or three feet, but he ended up in my lap.

Impressed, I picked him up and put him on the other side of the blanket again and called him. It took a few seconds for him to remember how to do it, but he started moving ahead again and again ended up in my lap.

For the rest of the night, he was a baby on the move. And, I discovered a fourth thing that he’s interested in — the dog food.

For whatever reason, Luke is fascinated by the dog bowls in our living room. Chase’s blue plastic water bowl and his white plastic food bowl sit on a black plastic tray (to prevent spilling). Back before Luke, his food bowls used to be in the kitchen, but Chase is weird and doesn’t like being on the wood floors in the house. So we moved it to the carpeted living room, which he’s liked much better.

But now the problem is Luke really, really wants those bowls. On Saturday, as he was crawling around, he crawled over to the bowls and got his hand on the rim of the food bowl. With a short tug, he managed to flip the bowl and spill dog food all over the carpet.

Sigh, I guess it’s time for us to start baby-proofing the house for real now.

As for his fascination with the dog food, I can’t really explain it beyond that maybe it’s something he inherited from me.

According to my parents, back when I was a baby, I used to always be getting into the food bowl of our dog Rascal.

One story in particular, when I was little older, maybe 1-2 years olds, my parents were looking for me and couldn’t find me. After searching around the house for a couple minutes, they discovered me in the living room hiding behind my dad’s recliner.

I was sitting up, with my two fists clenched around handfuls of dog food, with brownish spit-sludge running down my arms from where I was eating dog food out of my closed fists and drooling all over the place.

Also when I was a teenager, when I was at a friend’s house the one time, my buddies dared me that I wouldn’t eat some soft dog treats that were sitting on the counter for my friend’s dog. I quickly proved that was no challenge at all. (They weren’t the greatest.)

Even today, I keep telling Ashley that Chase’s bacon treats smell really good, as does this beef and rice wet dog food we buy him sometimes as a treat. I mean, if it smells good, it probably tastes good, too, right?

Anyhow, people warned us that we’d rue the day that Luke started crawling. And it’s been less than a week and I can already say that’s true.

It was nice, before, when you could put him down somewhere and he’d stay there. Now, putting him down on his play blanket means he’s going to take off on a quest to get into something he shouldn’t be into.

And, apparently, that something at the top of his list is the dog food.

Steve Garbacz is editor of The News Sun. There’s one kind of dog food he doesn’t like — that gross Puppy Chow stuff with the Chex cereal and powdered sugar. Email him at

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