Wysong boots

Eva and younger sister Maria Joy are wearing “boots” while sitting on empty containers with the lid on. All kinds of adventures are possible when you are equipped with boots and a stool, says their grandmother, Vi Wysong, who shared this photo.

Eleanor, 5, asked her older brother Dawson, 10, to teach her about animals because when she gets big she wants to be just like him. Dawson sat the girls down to begin teaching them about animals and science. The first lesson involved mixing substances (including eosin dye) in a Petri dish in the living room. The next lesson was phobias. Unbeknownst to his mother, Dawson had captured a spider and was keeping it in a small magnifying container, in the living room. The lesson had to stop because Violet, 6, nearly had a nervous breakdown over the spider. Dawson switched to ants, taught them a quick lesson and then turned on an episode of Magic School Bus about ants. — Quinn Ward of Washington State (formerly of northeast Indiana)

Experienced mother/grandmother that she is, Vi knows that the best toys aren’t purchased. The best toys are everyday household objects with a variety of past or future uses. For example, take oatmeal containers. Two containers can be “boots” for small feet and also, with the lid on, stools for small bodies. All kinds of adventures are possible when you are equipped with boots and a stool! After observing this, Vi started putting empty containers in a corner to see what would happen. She said that over time it’s been amazing to watch the girls’ imagination flower. She also started piling up cottage cheese containers that the girls used to build an impressive tower. After realizing all the fun involved with stacking them, they worked through many rainy spring mornings! — Vi Wysong of rural Wawaka

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