Erin and Henry

Erin's 3-year-old son Henry said: "Mommy, do you want to go on a benchure with me?"

"Life was meant for good friends and great adventures."

The idea has been expressed in countless languages over thousands of years.

Along those lines, this week's column begins with something wonderful that Erin's 3-year-old son Henry said: "Mommy, do you want to go on a benchure with me?" — Erin Raatz of Fort Wayne

Dawson, 10, told his mother, Quinn, "I love you 100 times more than bacon!" — Quinn Ward (former northeast Indiana resident) of Washington State.

Rollie, 8, while watching "The Tick" in which Walter's mother is taken by a bad guy, told his mother, “Mom, if a bad guy ever took you, it would be like he cut out my heart.” — Erika Celeste (mother of Rollie) of Steuben County

We were at an ice cream stand one very hot night and there were lots of flavors to choose from. Our granddaughter, Sara, 3, was invited to sample a few flavors before making her choice. Later, while she was slowly savoring her cup of ice cream, I asked her what flavor she had decided on. "Pink!" was her reply.

Vi's granddaughters came to visit. Right away Eva, 5, started telling Vi about her week. Eva began, "Mommy, Daddy and I went to the dentist this week. We left Teresa and Maria (her two younger sisters) at home. It was a very interesting car ride." Vi asked Eva what was interesting about the ride? "There was no screaming," Eva said. — Vi Wysong of rural Wawaka

Here is another story from Vi, who lives on a farm. The girls were helping Vi get lunch around and they had 10 extra minutes before they had to finish so Vi said, "Let's go out and pick tomato worms off the tomato plants." The girls asked, "What are tomato worms?" They are used to picking fresh vegetables for meals but had never heard about tomato worms. Vi showed them what tomato worms are and they helped look for them. After a while, their bucket had eight or nine tomato worms, some big some small. The girls wanted to look at them closely. Eva said, "Well, these are a beautiful green." Maria asked, "Are we eating these for lunch?"

Thank you to everyone who shares stories and/or photos for the “Funny things kids say” column which I have been writing since 1987! If you have a story or photo to share please email me at or mail stories to me at 816 Mott St., Kendallville, IN 46755. Thank you!

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