Jesus was on His way to Galilee. He had to pass through Samaria on the way. As He came close to the village of Sychar, He came to Jacob’s Well, located on the parcel of ground Jacob gave to his son Joseph. Jesus was tired from the long walk in the hot sun and sat wearily beside the well. Soon a Samaritan woman came to draw water, and Jesus asked her for a drink.” John 4:4-7 (Life Application Bible)

“The woman was surprised that a Jew would ask a ‘despised Samaritan’ for anything — usually they wouldn’t even speak to them! — and she remarked this to Jesus.” John 4:9 (Life Application Bible)

“He replied, ‘If you only knew what a wonderful gift God has for you, and who I am, you would ask me for some living water.”’ John 4:10 (Life Application Bible)

My eyes fill with tears and they slowly fall upon my cheeks and I am filled with love, with hope, and with “Oh God, why cannot I see, truly, how much you love me!

As I read about the “woman” I think of myself and others who have had so much happen to them in their lives, standing there “thirsting at the well.”

There is hope beyond our actions in life; there is love in our life beyond the hate some feel, toward themselves and toward others; and there is forgiveness for all who come to Jesus and accept Him as their Savior, who will quench our thirst!

Standing in the garden of life surrounded by all the beauty that God gives to us, we need to take a “pause” and feel Jesus’ presence.

I see Jesus, “Look, over there by the garden wall, close to the bubbling fountain, surrounded with the peonies, honeysuckle, the black-eyed Susans and I weep for joy. Yes, that is Him ... He sees me, the ‘woman’ who is so sorry for her many sins, her actions of selfishness, her desire for more than she needs, her quickness to judge, her list of sorrowful sinning goes on and on.”

Could it really be my Savior on this day that is filled with so much beauty, but yet much hurtful pain? The sun is shining with a warmth I have not felt in a long time; the soft clouds floating above my head look like soft downy pillows of comfort. The lush green, newly-mowed grass is soft between my toes and I feel I am walking on a carpet of velvet. Oh, these gifts He has given to me, this sorrowful day in my life.

Arrows of hurt are hurled at me, my soul can become crushed, and my heart aches as though it would break ... but He is there ... of all days for me!

So much sorrow I take upon myself trying to “fix” others’ sorrows that I wonder if my tears will never stop flowing.

I now see the answer to all my prayers. Answers, from God, always come in His timing and today is my timing!

The soft breezes of the magnolia trees that surround my garden are so tall, I feel they reach into the sky and give strength to the ground on which I stand.

Oh God, You reach out to me, and today I am blessed!

As I sit under the magnolia tree, sitting upon my swing as it gently swings back and forth to the rhythm of nature, I close my eyes and feel like this is surely how Heaven is. So much peacefulness and so much love from God, in the air that surrounds me.

I can faintly hear the rustle of the leaves, I hear the bird song in the space that surrounds me, I smell the earth beneath my feet, as I sway back and forth to the gentleness of the breeze that pushes me ever closer to “Heaven.”

Jesus tells the woman at the well to go and get her husband. However, if you read John 4 you soon know that this woman is not such a “good woman,” in her times, and she is basically living in sin. After more conversation, Jesus tells her He is the Messiah, paraphrased from John 4:15-26 (Life Application Bible)

Now, I feel I have felt Jesus visit me today in my garden. Jesus replied that people soon become thirsty again after drinking this water. “But the water I give them,” he said, “becomes a perpetual spring within them, watering them with eternal life.”’ John 4:13-14 (Life Application Bible)

We can go to our garden we have surrounding us, or we can go to the garden that is in our heart, mind and soul and meet with Jesus daily and receive that perpetual water of eternal life if we will only accept Jesus as our Savior.

So, please join me today and every day in “our gardens” wherever that may be and rejoice that we are so blessed that God is our Father, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit our comforter.

May God bless you and your family and any animal companions you may have.

Leigh Moran of Fort Wayne has had wonderful, painful, frightening and uplifting experiences, centered around her relationship with God, that she shares in her writings. She has seen what faith can do for each of us. She and her husband have three children and three granddaughters. A former teacher and a social worker, she is a 14-year breast cancer survivor. She has a ministry for cancer patients in Indiana and Nashville, Tennessee.

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