Nov. 29, 2017. Where were you when you heard the news about NBC’s Matt Lauer, who was fired for allegations of committing sexual harassment while on the job?

There seems to be an endless stream of these cases that have gone through the entertainment world, as well as business and government.

But Matt Lauer? He’s like America’s little brother who made it to the big time. But in case you didn’t hear, several news organizations reported a woman accused Lauer of inappropriate sexual behavior.

And make no mistake. This is a serious crime that Lauer et al have been accused of and should not be taken lightly. It’s like one of those ads about drug abuse or child abuse where people don’t wear a sign around their neck declaring their guilt.

You never know who is capable of this crime.

And I guess we need to make note here that most of these recent cases in the news involve men who are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

But when you think about it, most of the accused in these cases have not seen the inside of a courtroom. They have paid for their actions in other ways, whether it be in millions of dollars in hush money, or public disgrace and humiliation on a worldwide scale.

We all feel sorry for the countless victims of sexual abuse, no matter if it’s inappropriate touching in the workplace or rape in a dorm room.

Abuse is abuse, and we, as men, must do all we can to put a stop to it, to shine the light on the transgressors and set examples for the younger generation.

I know I am not a perfect guy, but that’s usually when the subjects of weight or inactivity are applied. But I am guilty of using words in private settings that would get me fired or scorned if I said them in public.

I don’t consider these guys’ actions to be a sickness, like a disease. It comes from unchecked power teamed with massive ego.

Please pray for all victims of abuse of all types, no matter if it’s physical, sexual or verbal.

We are a great country. Let’s all work to make it even greater.

Bob Buttgen, who was in the newspaper business for more than 40 years before retiring two years ago, has not given up hope that the Green Bay Packers will at least make the playoffs. But he has added prayer to his arsenal of tools to make it happen. He can be reached by email at

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