A story about a Steuben County youth winning a world roping title took the title for most read story on kpcnews.com from Aug. 1-8.

Here were the most viewed stories on the website during that time:

Most viewed stories this week:

Bachelor takes world roping title — 1,608 pageviews

Green thumb: Wawaka farmer growing industrial hemp — 1,068 pageviews

Man trapped in bucket that hit power line — 936 pageviews

Police chief defends Kendallville’s safety — 927 pageviews

Courthouse caretaker honored for 50 years — 914 pageviews

Rome City hosting the Moving Wall memorial — 468 pageviews

6 arrested on drug charges — 445 pageviews

Obituary: Larry Griffin — 424 pageviews

Laurels of DeKalb achieves national honor — 415 pageviews

Butler couple’s Chevelle has history — 413 pageviews

On the KPC News Facebook page, a post about Indiana getting an “A” grade in manufacturing health for the 10th year in a row reached the most people from Aug. 1-8.

Here were the top posts by reach during that time:

Aug. 1: For the 10th year in a row, Indiana received an “A” grade for the health of its manufacturing industry, one of only five states in the U.S. to make the grade this year. — 4,635 people reached, 66 reactions, 23 shares, 59 link clicks

Aug. 6: Courthouse caretaker honored for 50 years — 4,399 people reached, 115 reactions, 6 comments, 6 shares, 157 link clicks

Aug. 3: Auburn woman receives father’s World War II medals — 4,349 people reached, 95 reactions, 6 shares, 130 link clicks

Aug. 7: (Shared from the News Sun) Is Kendallville safe? Police Chief Rob Wiley doesn’t hesitate to say yes. — 4,135 people reached, 29 reactions, 11 comments, 25 shares, 230 link clicks

Aug. 3: Local woman receives heroic father’s medals — 3,289 people reached, 35 reactions, 1 comment, 7 shares, 86 link clicks

Aug. 7: For more than 100 years now, a small but somewhat forgotten piece of Howe’s history has been hiding in plain sight. — 3,274 people reached, 43 reactions, 1 comment, 15 shares, 95 link clicks

On the News Sun Facebook page, a post about Kendallville Police Chief Rob Wiley assuring citizens that the city is safe reached 4,655 people, garnering 21 reactions, three comments and 30 shares.

On the Herald Republican Facebook page, an update on a debate between Mayor Dick Hickman and challenger Common Councilman Joe Hysong reached 2,993 people, netting 14 likes and 12 shares.

On the Star Facebook page, a post about a party honoring 50 years of service by DeKalb County Courthouse caretaker Clint Stephens reached 283 people, getting 33 reactions, five comments and 97 shares.

Several recent videos got a lot of views on kpcnews.com:

Auburn woman receives father’s World War II medals — 372 pageviews

Ashley Hudson Festival Parade 2019 — 153 pageviews

Waterloo Fire Department 150th anniversary — 39 pageviews

Likewise, a couple of photo galleries saw good viewership as well:

Recent photo galleries at kpcnews.com

Kid City 2019 — 156 pageviews

Megan Knowles is the online and social media editor for KPC Media. She can be reached at mknowles@kpcmedia.com.

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