A variety of stories were well read on the kpcnews.com website and Facebook pages from June 20-27.

On the website, many of the most read stories dealt with crimes or traffic accidents:

Former Impact instructor charged with sexual battery — 5,874 pageviews

2 injured in Old S.R. 3 crash — 3,782 pageviews

Vandals spray at least 44 vehicles with orange paint — 3,635 pageviews

Obituary: Jackson Strong — 3,264 pageviews

Suspect arrested in Angola man’s killing — 3,032 pageviews

Column: Journey through addiction leads to seminary — 1,486 pageviews

More details emerge about vandalism spree — 1,143 pageviews

Suspects identified from home security camera footage — 1,112 pageviews

Ark overwhelmed with dogs and cats — 1,097 pageviews

Plans for new animal shelter unveiled — 1,007 pageviews

On the KPC News Facebook page, meanwhile, two of the three stories with the most reach were about community happenings:

June 21: A new mural is in the works in downtown Auburn. — 6,702 people reached, 5 comments, 16 shares, 148 reactions

June 24: UPDATE: Keene appeared in court Monday afternoon. He’s been charged with 47 Class B misdemeanors for criminal mischief. — 6,620 people reached, 121 reactions, 29 comments, 150 shares

June 20: A historic C-54 aircraft that was part of the Berlin Airlift is going to be stopping in Angola for a visit in July. — 6,199 people reached, 71 reactions, 57 shares

June 27: The solar field will allow customers in the region to purchase solar energy “blocks” as part of their monthly energy consumption. — 6,045 people reached, 15 reactions

June 25: (Shared from the News Sun) The police chief provided more details today about the vandalism spree that damaged 44 vehicles and other property. — 5,425 people reached, 27 reactions, 15 comments, 21 shares

June 25: A Hillsdale County, Michigan, man was arrested on Monday afternoon in connection with the apparent murder of an Angola man. — 4,645 people reached, 32 reactions, 117 shares

June 27: (Shared from the Herald Republican) The Fort Wayne Philharmonic is making its rounds in the region, including at Pokagon State Park on Thursday. — 3,543 people reached, 27 reactions, 10 shares

The post about the Fort Wayne Philharmonic coming to Pokagon State park also reached 3,702 people on the Herald Republican’s Facebook page, gathering an additional seven likes and 17 shares.

Likewise, a similar post about the mural in downtown Auburn reached 6,805 people on the Star’s Facebook page, along with it 34 reactions and 21 shares.

And the original post about the solar array dedication on the News Sun’s Facebook page reached 6,541 people, garnering 12 reactions and 14 shares.

A video about Auburn’s Brown House got 97 views on the KPC News YouTube channel and 78 more on kpcnews.com.

Meanwhile, a photo gallery of Auburn’s downtown summer art display was viewed 159 times.

Megan Knowles is the online and social media editor for KPC Media. She can be reached at mknowles@kpcmedia.com.

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