The accident involving longtime West Noble coach Chuck Schlemmer and the stories of the events that followed were the most read on and the KPC News Facebook page recently.

My deepest condolences to Mr. Schlemmer’s family, friends and the much wider community who knew and loved him.

Sometimes, writing this column seems so cold and disconnected from the stories themselves. But, I hope these numbers help to portray what a huge impact Mr. Schlemmer had on this community and the lives in it.

Here were the most viewed stories from Aug. 15-22 on

WN teacher hit on bike — 10,983 pageviews

Charges filed in truck vs. bike collision — 6,947 pageviews

Longtime West Noble coach seriously injured in accident — 5,208 pageviews

Schlemmer family looking into organ donation — 3,902 pageviews

Albion PD nabs 2nd robbery suspect — 2,383 pageviews

Maple Creek welcomes new teacher after battle with malaria — 1,916 pageviews

Fake girl’s Facebook page catches four — 1,814 pageviews

Carroll grad, marine promoted to lieutenant colonel — 1,216 pageviews

Carroll, Fort Wayne swimmer achieves Olympic times — 1,022 pageviews

Likewise, on the KPC News Facebook page, Mr. Schlemmer’s accident and the arrest of a man charged with hitting him had the farthest reach.

Here were those numbers from Aug. 15-22:

Aug. 17: Well-known WN teacher, former coach, serious after bicycle wreck — 9,557 people reached, 35 comments, 46 shares

Aug. 19: The man charged with hitting a longtime West Noble coach with a U-Haul Friday has been charged with a Level 3 and Level 4 felony. — 6,527 people reached, 65 reactions, eight comments, 195 shares

Aug. 20: On Tuesday evening, family members of West Noble coach Chuck Schlemmer shared a GoFundMe page with a message indicating the family will be taking him off life support due to his traumatic brain injury. — 6,287 people reached, 219 reactions, 22 comments, 257 shares

Aug. 15: (Shared from the News Sun) The grant will allow Kendallville to transform its downtown corridor. — 5,464 people reached, 115 reactions, six comments, 18 shares

Aug. 16: (Shared from the Star) Want an inside look at some local car collections? Here’s your chance. — 4,645 people reached

Aug. 20: Life recently took a pretty rough turn for a small orange kitten named Triton, but thanks to the help of the people at Ark Animal Rescue and Adoption Shelter, things are starting to get better. — 3,566 people reached, 35 reactions, 11 shares

On the Star’s Facebook page, a post about today’s Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival Garage Tour reached 6,719 people, garnering eight reactions an 66 shares.

The news about Kendallville being awarded a $600,000 streetscape grant on its sixth attempt reached 5,880 people on the News Sun Facebook page, netting 45 reactions and 53 shares.

In addition, a post about Caylee Bachelor winning Grand Champion Dairy Showman at the Indiana State Fair reached 255 people on the Herald Republican Facebook page.

Megan Knowles is the online and social media editor for KPC Media. She can be reached at

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