A story about an Angola teen who was arrested Aug. 31 and charged with incest was the most-read story from Aug. 29-Sept. 5 on kpcnews.com:

Angola teen jailed for incest — 10,836 pageviews

Carroll grad makes it to top seven on ‘MasterChef’ — 4,145 pageviews

Auburn Auction Park could be sold — 1,781 pageviews

RV industry production numbers way down — 1,588 pageviews

Appeals court upholds Johnson murder conviction — 964 pageviews

Rick and Vicki James to be honored — 803 pageviews

Man brutally beaten ay Lake Arrowhead residence — 660 pageviews

Indiana’s red flag law rarely used locally — 512 pageviews

Schneider named Visitors Bureau executive director — 506 pageviews

On the KPC News Facebook page, a post about Michael Johnson’s conviction being upheld by the Indiana Court of Appeals reached the most people.

Here were the top posts by reach for that page from Aug. 29-Sept. 5:

Aug. 29: BREAKING: The Indiana Court of Appeals has ruled on the appeal by Michael J. Johnson, who shot and killed two people in Ligonier on March 5, 2018. — 5,159 people reached, 50 likes, 34 shares

Aug. 30: BUTLER — Classes will be in session at Eastside Junior-Senior High School today, in spite of “inappropriate comments” by a student Thursday, said DeKalb County Sheriff David Cserep II. — 4,775 people reached, 11 shares

Sept. 3: (Shared from the News Sun) RV manufacturing has typically been the first to slow when the economy slows and the first to recover when things improve. And right now, the sector looks to be cooling. — 4,588 people reached, 30 reactions, 14 comments, 90 shares

Sept. 4: Rick L. and Vicki L. James of Auburn will receive one of two Lifetime Achievement awards during the 37th annual Indiana Philanthropy Awards celebration. — 4,541 people reached, 114 reactions, 10 comments, 22 shares

Aug. 29: (Shared from the Star) RM’s two giant collector car auctions each year would continue under the sale agreement, along with an annual July 5 fireworks show, the potential buyer said. — 3,595 people reached, 23 reactions, 37 shares

On The Star’s Facebook page, a post about Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auctions looking to but the Auburn Auction Park reached 3,880 people, garnering seven reactions, three comments and 61 shares.

The Auburn Board of Zoning Appeals rejected a request for a zoning exception to allow semi sales at its meeting Sept. 4, basically ending the interest by Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction.

A post about a decline in RV industry sales reached 5,220 people on the News Sun Facebook page, netting seven reactions and 114 shares.

A post about Herald Republican Editor Mike Marturello helping cook at the Fork and Fiddle food truck reached 227 people on the newspaper’s Facebook page and got 12 likes and one comment.

A recent video about the first DeKalb County veterans court graduation got 17 views on the KPC News YouTube channel and 34 views on kpcnews.com.

Megan Knowles is the online and social media editor for KPC Media. She can be reached at mknowles@kpcmedia.com.

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